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Slowly working on processing things :)

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At my writing group, we have an annual Character Workshop. You show up as a character you are writing about, and then have to try to stay in character the whole time.

For lack of any an original character, I decided to be Sherlock ;) As we were partnering up to get to know each other, Holly, our organizer, slipped me a note that my services were being hired to solve a crime. A spur of the moment thing that I totally wasn't prepared for lol

We got in a group circle and Holly, my partner and also our therapist for 'Group Therapy', started us off. We each had to introduce our partner to everyone else. While people did the Name, Age, profession list, I kinda slammed my partner, calling her a "middle-aged woman whose competitive streak prompted her to cheat her way through college" and "whose career is on a decline and that I wouldn't trust her to give an accurate diagnosis of any of us". Being an ass was a bit of fun :D

Then we took turns answering questions, in character, while I took notes of who could have been capable of murder. I ended up taking notes on everyone, including the person next to me who kept trying to look at my notes.

So by the end, I went around the table, saying how each person had motive or a reason to kill, but dismissed them all. Holly was the last. She kept having to break character during the meeting, so I diagnosed her with multiple personality disorder, and that she asked more questions than she answered, plus she made everyone drink tea for some odd reason. She wasn't even trying to be a suspect lol.

I hate improv and had reservations about being Sherlock, because my brain doesn't work that way, but this was loads of fun. I had a clicky pen and I kept clicking the Morse Code for S.O.S., but not one seemed to notice my distress lol.
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Typed while I was watching it a second time:

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It took me this long to process the ep enough to give a review that isn't completely filled with squee (but close lol).

I watched the episode a total of 4 times in a 24 hour period...

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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 01:03 am
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:D :D :D

I enjoyed it very much.

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Firstly, the minisode was awesome! I didn't have high hopes, thinking it would just be something with a few of the minor cast, not actually being a bride between the two series. Very cool! John doesn't have his 'stache yet, so there is still time before the season starts.

Hobbit time!
Minor spoilers, but will put behind a cut.
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My Writers' Guild meeting this month was NanoWriMo based...which means not many people show up. Most find it useless to write spur of the moment around other people. Holly, our ringleader, wasn't feeling well, so we were left to our own devices.

I had some ideas to keep us occupied for our two hour meeting. First we went around the table and told of what we were writing on (there were only 5 of us, so it didn't take too long), then I cracked out the writing prompts :D

I had brainstormed a handful of writing scenarios, and we drew two at random each time, picked our favorite of the two, and wrote for 10 minutes. After I called 'time', you could hurry up and finish the story (because punch lines in short stories are awesome!), but the person who finished last had to read first. Great motivator to finish on time!

The two I am going to share with you all are Sherlock based.

Rating: G
Words: 190
Suddenly, someone gets hit with a pickle )

Rating: PG
Words: 219
Someone you know gets turned into a mouse )


Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 03:57 am
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WTF is up with all the Sherlock and sexism talk that is exploding everywhere? Makes me glad of my own little corner of the internet. Feels like a storm is brewing and things are turning nasty over it!

Sherlock Shirt

Monday, September 17th, 2012 02:17 am
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Hey, guys, check out this cool Sherlock shirt from Woot:

My coworkers are soo going to laugh at me *facepalm*

If you have ordered from them in the distant past, they are using new shirt blanks. I used to do women's large, but that turned into what felt like a plus size (a lot of people said about 2 sizes - but I think their old shirts ran a little on the small side anyway. Check the sizing chart). They were kind enough to give me a replacement, and I went with Men's Small, which works even better than their old sizes.
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I saw someone mention this in an old post, so I took some screencaps and put them together.

The cabbie with the estranged wife and kids (or was it divorced?), he had a picture of his kids with his wife torn out of the pic.

In 2.3, Reichenbach, there is a lady on the jury that Moriarty blackmails by using her kids against her. We see a still of her kids. They look about 2-3 years older and there is a baby. I also included a picture of the mother, as you can kinda see her in the cabbie's picture.

I...want to find some significance in this or a clue of some sort...but I have nothing that really means anything.

Click to make it bigger:

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One slot left for signups:

Against my better judgement, I am going to give it a try. Anyone else want to jump in?

WIP Meme.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 10:55 pm
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Nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] felisblanco

Post a few sentences from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

Molly fled the room, door slamming behind her. John could only stare open-mouthed at the closed door before turning to look at Sherlock. “That was uncalled for,” he finally managed to splutter.

Sherlock only shrugged before sitting on the couch, swinging his legs up, then lying down on his back to stare up at the ceiling. “Pesky things, emotions.”

“Normal things, emotions.”

(Sherlock is 13)
“What are you up to now?” Mycroft.

Sherlock sat in a plush chair in his father’s study. He had a book open on his lap. Perfect picture of normality. Except for the blindfold tied across his eyes. Sherlock ignored his brother and turned the page. He caught the softball when it was thrown at his head.

Mycroft didn’t bother to question the how – smell of leather, rustle of cloth as the arm drew back, of course he would go for the head – and stomped over, roughly tugging the blindfold free.

Even if someone didn’t have a fear of water, most people had a bad dream or two about drowning. John had a lot like that. Especially after the war. The water always held him back, kept him from reaching his friends, who bled out on the shore just out of reach. Their looks still haunted him. “S-Sherlock.” The tickling of the water as it reached his chin brought him back to the present and John tried to keep from panicking.

Sherlock walked carefully, to keep from churning the water, and crouched down in front of John. The look on his face made John hate himself, no matter that it wasn’t his fault, Sherlock’s calm façade starting to crumble.

Sherlock was on his knees amid broken glass and colorful liquids, his hands pressed to his face. And the blood. Oh, the blood. He had stopped screaming, but the noise coming from the back of his throat scared the shit out of John. It sounded like Sherlock was in agony.

“Jesus,” John whispered.

“One more miracle...stop it, stop this...”

If only he could. He watched John gain control over his emotions as quick as he had lost them, square his shoulders¸ the pivot to follow in Ms. Hudson’s direction back to the car. Halfway to the car, John paused, froze.

Sherlock stepped further into the shadows as John turned in his direction to look at the woods. Was he looking for his miracle? They don’t grow on trees, John.
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I was excited for this episode, given the title and all that it implies, before this season even started. I am so happy that I wasn’t disappointed.

Major spoilers for The Reichenbach Fall )

Sherlock ep 3

Sunday, January 15th, 2012 11:45 pm
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Just passing by to squee. Might type up a larger review later.

I was afraid that I had my hopes up too high for this ep, but it was awesome!

In the past eps, there were a lot of mini storylines that seemed they could be cut or trimmed, but this one seemed just the right amount of time spent on each scene. Some were drawn out (okay, by quite a lot), but they were totally worth the time spent on them. Much preferable.


Sherlock Ep 2

Monday, January 9th, 2012 12:36 am
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Not as good as the first and definitely not as rewatchable, but still good. Imagine this season will go like the first. Great ep, meh to decent ep, then amazing ep.

Here are my thoughts on rewatching it:

Thoughts thoughts thoughts )

BBC Sherlock

Monday, January 2nd, 2012 12:44 am
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Watched it once. Then turned around and watched it a second time, while making notes squeeing about everything.

Tons of spoilers, so PLEASE don't read if you haven't seen the ep. If you want a glimpse to determine my reaction, please settle with the statement that I LOVED IT and look muchly forward to the next ep.

There be spoilers here )

Sherlock Holmes

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 12:55 pm
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Saw the movie Monday. *Squee*
I was pretty much doing this all through it ---> :D :D :D :D

I had really enjoyed the first one, but I loved this one!

Now, the countdown resumes for BBC's Sherlock

The difference between BBC's Sherlock and the movie Sherlock:
One is a dignified sociopath
The other is an undignified psychopath
I'm sure you can figure out which is which ;)

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