Cats *sigh*

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 01:35 am
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Was trying to do some sit ups when Ki decided to lay down behind me after I sat up. I scooted down further, then Ki snagged my hair.

I can't win.

Meet Tully

Saturday, January 7th, 2012 11:19 pm
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I don't think I have done a post about this cat before.

Wow, I can't even remember how he showed up. We had the trio of cats, then he was sometime after. I think we had been seeing him from a distance and once we put food out for him, he was all ours. Bit skittish, but I think he used to be a house cat. Guessing he liked to claw things so was given the boot.

He showed up mid last year, 2011. Then he disappeared for about a month. Showed back up scrawny and with a notch missing out of his ear.

Don't have any good pics of him before he disappeared, but this is after:

And, after about 2 more months of good eating and winter happening...turns out he is a long haired cat lol:

He had this habit of grabbing your hand after you petted him. With claws. Got him to stop doing that. He also liked to stretch on your leg, also with claws. I just need to 'hay!' at him and he stops whatever movement he had been doing lol

I think his previous owners used to hit him, as he flinches when you raise a strong hand and move to strike him, walk quickly toward him, or there is noise he is unfamiliar with. But that has come in handy with getting him to stop clawing me.

Just need to point at that bench in the pictures and he jumps right up there and flops down like he owns the place. Unfortunately, he can't be an indoor kitty, as my own, Ki, HATES other cats.

Anyone live close by (WA state) who wants a free kitty? He does kneed the carpet and whatever else he steps on, but I think that is partially due to him being so freaking happy when I do let him in for a few minutes.

Here, have some more pics:
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Yet another cat

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 09:36 pm
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This one has been hanging around for a bit and we've been feeding him. I decided to try to pet it - it was very flighty - and it took two days of light pets to turn it into a lovebug. Mom has named him Tully.

I got him in the house for a few minutes to snap some pictures of him (17 degrees outside)

Meet Tully )
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Looks like we have another outdoor cat that showed up. Been seeing it for the past month, but just these past few days I have been tossing food to it and seeing how close I can coax it over to me. A few days ago, I was able to briefly touch its head while it ate. It seemed more focused on the food I gave it, so leery of it suddenly noticing and trying to kill me.

Today was a repeat. Then it showed up on the front porch (we've been trying to keep it to the back), and tried to eat Leo's food, while Leo freaked out. I went out to it and it didn't move away from the plate. I moved the plate. It followed the plate. I reached out to pet it and it did that little jump thing into my hand. Then it started purring and rubbing all over me. So guess it was another pet that someone abandoned.

I think we have a sign on our road that says 'strays welcome' :-/

Leo the cat

Monday, March 8th, 2010 02:25 am
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I think we are calling him Leo now?

Anyway, the big fluffy orange cat that I had mentioned previously has been coming every night for food. I made a little bed for him outside, but he only stays there for a bit and comes running from wherever he is hiding at when I let the dog out at night.

I made the mistake of letting him in the house a few times, and now he beelines for the door whenever I open it. I've tried running to beat him inside, but he just runs faster and almost trips me. So I have to go inside, turn and just step outside. When he follows my foot out, I back up and close the door. Poor kitty. Soon he is going to wise up to that.

I took a vid of him a few hours ago. See his large paws? He kneads against everything they touch. Which is why you can see me trying to keep them away from me. Frigging hurt! Even as he is walking, if he steps on my feet, he stabs me! But it is cute to see him 'paddle' on the floor.

Even when he is starving, he will turn away from his food to get pets.


Sunday, January 31st, 2010 06:12 pm
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Seems like we never have a break from cats around here lol.

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I've mentioned Bella before and her two kittens (who aren't kittens any more). The black one is completely wild, but he has been hanging out on the porch for awhile and sleeping (at nighttime sometimes) in the cat bed we put out there. I had been tossing some food to him and seperating it out for both of them.
Gradually, he has been letting me get close-ish to him, and only lurking a little ways away until I went back inside so he could gobble up his food.
Tonight, he stayed in the cat bed and let me get less than a foot away from him to put some food down. I went back inside, then returned a few minutes later and he came out of the bed and watched me petting Bella. I put some more food down and he came right up to eat it. Got him to sniff my finger, and he flopped onto his side and rolled around on his back.
Kinda leery to initiate petting him. Thought I was going to lose a finger when he sniffed me.

He looks so much like [ profile] michelleann68's cat, Mils. Maybe a little smaller.

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