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At my writing group, we have an annual Character Workshop. You show up as a character you are writing about, and then have to try to stay in character the whole time.

For lack of any an original character, I decided to be Sherlock ;) As we were partnering up to get to know each other, Holly, our organizer, slipped me a note that my services were being hired to solve a crime. A spur of the moment thing that I totally wasn't prepared for lol

We got in a group circle and Holly, my partner and also our therapist for 'Group Therapy', started us off. We each had to introduce our partner to everyone else. While people did the Name, Age, profession list, I kinda slammed my partner, calling her a "middle-aged woman whose competitive streak prompted her to cheat her way through college" and "whose career is on a decline and that I wouldn't trust her to give an accurate diagnosis of any of us". Being an ass was a bit of fun :D

Then we took turns answering questions, in character, while I took notes of who could have been capable of murder. I ended up taking notes on everyone, including the person next to me who kept trying to look at my notes.

So by the end, I went around the table, saying how each person had motive or a reason to kill, but dismissed them all. Holly was the last. She kept having to break character during the meeting, so I diagnosed her with multiple personality disorder, and that she asked more questions than she answered, plus she made everyone drink tea for some odd reason. She wasn't even trying to be a suspect lol.

I hate improv and had reservations about being Sherlock, because my brain doesn't work that way, but this was loads of fun. I had a clicky pen and I kept clicking the Morse Code for S.O.S., but not one seemed to notice my distress lol.

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Monday, June 21st, 2010 06:11 am
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*writing smut lalala*
*looks at clock*

Um...yay for NaNo breakthrough?
I have about 2 more chapters to write, then finished :D

In other news, we had another character party for one of my writing groups. We all met at one of the member's houses and had pretty good attendance for it being at a spot we normally don't meet at. We came (for the most part) dressed in character and acting in character. I dressed as Ben, my NaNo main character. Which basically required me to just put on a tighter shirt, pull my hair back, put on a ball cap, and my glasses.

After we tired of that, we all gathered in a circle to talk about our characters some which was video recorded. In reviewing back the tape...Do I always talk like that? I had a bit of an accent o.O *confused*

On the way home, I had a bit of a tickle in the back of my throat. Took some medicine before bed. Woke up with a massive sore throat. Uugh. Made it through work (Saturday) and we were a bit short staffed, as always, so it was a good thing I didn't call in sick. On Sunday I slept in until 3pm. My sore throat is the kind that tries to trigger the gag reflex. Sooo annoying. Sore throat almost gone, soon to be replaced by much nose blowing. I get this same cold every two years or so :-/


And time for bed.

Update: Life

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 01:24 am
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Babble mode, here.

So last Saturday, I was involved in a Readers' Theater. One of the people in my writing critique group had written a play and wanted some of us to be in it. He nabbed me right away, despite my protests that 'I am shy, no one can hear me talk, and my face likes to turn colors when too many people are looking at me.'
The play was called Judgment at Hope Creek. My part was Cleo Starfish, a young indian woman whose white 'boyfriend' was knocked unconscious, robbed, and Cleo was raped. Things aren't as they first appeared when a trial is set up and people start to get to the bottom of things. It was actually really fun to do. 10-person cast. We rehearsed it twice only (since we were just reading it out loud and had the script in front of us).
I brought my camcorder and set it up to record. Now I just need to convert it to avi and mp3, and make some copies for people in the cast.
After, we were all talking and joking around, and Cricket, who is a bit of a joker and likes to be a fun pain in the ass, announced it was snowing. It was more of a shock that he was telling the truth! Tiny little flakes.
I left shortly after and when I got on the freeway, I could barely see the snow. I went an extra exit than I normally do to avoid a hill that might be icy. By the time I was taking the exit, the snowflakes were as big as quarters and it was like a blizzard. Which makes me happy...I love snow...even if I have to drive 15mph in order to sorta see the road.

Some of the snow is still here. Temperatures have been really low. Right now it is about 14 degrees. Barley got to 30.

The fountain in front of the library has frozen and large icicles hanging from it. So cool looking :D

Guess that is the biggest update lol *thinks*

An update of sorts

Thursday, November 19th, 2009 04:30 am
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Uugh, I haven't really felt like updating here too much for whatever reason. Went to Seattle a few weekends ago, saw an awesome play, spent part of the next day at a coffee house drinking yummy hot chocolate and working on NaNo fic and then bought tickets to Leverage Convention.
And I couldn't get up the energy to type about it, so now that the excitement is passed, I think 'what is the point' and don't post about it.

The play was called Measure for Pleasure, but the way, and is loads better than any summary makes it sound!

I guess I am making a post right now because I have to be in bed in 30 minutes, I have 40 typed pages to read and critique for a writer's meeting tomorrow night, and I need to work on my NaNo Novel.

Speaking of NaNo:

25013 / 50000 words. 50% done!
I am really supposed to be at 30k by now, but it is still catchable and I still have plenty of plot to get typed out.

Oh...I also have college to do....crap.

Why the hell am I making this post??? Ack *runs*
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Katrina, one of our two ringleaders, posted a blog entry about Friday night. Included there is a YT vid of her character monologue that I uploaded for her:
Check it out!


Saturday, May 16th, 2009 12:23 am
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Today I had a blast. Right from work I went over to The Matrix--which is a little nightclub/performance space.
Filler--started going there in November for NaNoWriMo, and a bunch of us writers in the area wanted to get together and continue meeting. So we started meeting there once a month for a workshop, and twice a month for a writing critique group. Tonight was a workshop night.

We had to pick one of our characters and act like them the whole night. We had a round of therapy, a few group activities, then a Q&A monologue, where one of us would go on stage and talk in character and get asked questions. I filmed most of it and had the hardest time not laughing out loud. Trying to hard to keep quiet that I was crying at one point.

I choose to be Ben, one of my shy gay boys from my NaNo. My attempt at dressing up (wasn't mandatory) was to comb back my hair in a ponytail (woot, it is long enough to do that with now) and wear my glasses. Also put on a denim shirt and used a messenger bag to carry all my crap in.

By filming, I didn't have to participate much (again woot!), but now I want Ben to play around with a camcorder in my Novel--I had a blast doing that. Hoping we get to continue along next month and have another round of therapy.

The group consisted of: A young girl (10 or so), a guy who was 'born to be good,' a lady who was writing a memoir of her life--who doubled as our therapist for the evening--a young woman who caught the eye of a Lord and finds out he is not who he seems to be, a dragon, a half man half orc, a vampire....those were the biggies. Not all did the Monologue Q&A and didn't stand out enough in our therapy to get to know them better.

So I was there from 5 until 11:30.
Wow o.o;

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