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I realize I have neglected to tell you all that I am officially on vacation for the first time in 6 months (work related, no one to cover for me)

So, I am in Seattle visiting Michelle (after having a bus mishap and ending up on the wrong side of Seattle. I finally got off the bus and, right around the corner, was a Dick's Drive in. I really love their fries and shakes. Almost worth the $23 buck cab ride back to where I NEEDED to be. Almost.)

Tomorrow morning, we fly out to California. Going to a Swap Meet in Pasadena (which I am wildly excited about), Disneyland (also wildly excited about), Conan O'Brien show, Screening of the Psych Musical ep., and some other stuff around, but not in, Comic-Con.

Gone until the 22nd.


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Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 02:18 am
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Wow, Ki went from sweet to bitch as soon as I dug my traveling bags out of the closet.

She now stands in the doorway, refusing to move until I get like a foot from her, just so she can flounce away from me with an annoyed rawr! (and I have to enter and exit my room quite a few times as I gather.

(Going to Seattle for Birthday Weekend) Wheee!
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Okay. We were actually fairly early to the parade this year (our third year), so we didn't have to fight for a spot. Got to sit in front of The Yellow Leaf and Tony let us use the little table from in front of his shop. We used it to store all of our freebies.

Okay, going to be a lot of pics, and some commentary. Some NSFW, so look with caution:

TONS of Pics - Click to make bigger )

Birthday Weekend

Sunday, July 4th, 2010 06:43 pm
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Okay, since I am sitting here with nothing to do, I guess I will give a small update about what I did last weekend.

June 25th is mine and [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68 (and [livejournal.com profile] daasgrrl)'s birthday. I always go up to Seattle to visit with Michelle for the weekend close to the 25th.

I picked her up in Olympia on Friday at her work...almost missed a turn because there was construction!!...and she drove us to Seattle. She was going to be participating in the Rock 'N Roll half Marathon the next day, so we stopped off to get her racing packet and poke around at the Expo (yay, free stuff). We were thinking about going to a movie after, but there wasn't any time.

We went to a concert, Glitter and be Gay, by the Seattle Men and Women's chorus.

Wasn't near as entertaining as the Christmas concert last year, but they had two parts that totally made it worth it. First, they performed Sweeney Todd in Five Six Minutes. It was hilarious! Wish there was a vid online of it!

The other part was...uugh, I can't remember her name, but she did this Opera-like number that was very annoying at first, but so over the top that I actually started to enjoy it after awhile. Maybe Michelle can help out if she sees this?

Plan to see the Men's Winter concert in December :D

Next day, Saturday, Michelle had to get up super early, like 4am, to get ready for the race. I was going to meet her around the finish. She gave me all these options to get there, but I preferred to walk (easiest instructions: Walk down to first, take a left and keep walking). Took me 45 minutes (well, closer to an hour, since I found a bench and read for about 10 minutes. I left early because I couldn't focus on doing anything else. I am one of those fashionably early people lol).

Found a tree and a patch of relatively clean pavement to camp at until I got the call from her giving me her location, then I wandered to the finish line and found a non-crowded spot by the 13 mile marker (half marathon was 13.1 miles). Paparazzi'ed a pic of her by the mile marker :D

After that, we went to get my car, back by her apartment (we took public transportation, this time) and went to Alki Beach, where [livejournal.com profile] gin200168 was at. Michelle chilled out on a log and the sun came out for the first time that day while Gin showed me around the beach and I tried not to slip and kill myself. Tons of jellyfish that missed the tide as well as little pools of fish by the rocks. We joined Michelle for a few minutes on the log, just enough for me to get a little sunburn (sigh) and then went for lunch at Spuds (YAY homemade french fries :D).

Then we went to The Yellow Leaf to get some cupcakes for a movie party that evening. (I think I just fell in love with their Cinnamon Roll cupcake! They have over 100 flavors and make like 17 different ones a day. If you are in Seattle, check them out!)

Gin came over and also Michelle's carpool friend later that day to watch The Trotski (trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtU7ERJ3cTw). It was so much funnier than I thought it was going to be. Really enjoyed it. I want to show it to Mom (any excuse to see it again), but I think she would find the subject not as interesting and there was a fair bit of swearing. Hmmm...

Sunday was the Pride Parade. Going to post that, as well as a ton of pictures, in another post shortly. *goes to look for digital camera*

Jay Brannan concert

Thursday, July 30th, 2009 04:06 am
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So, Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68 and I went to see Jay Brannan. We went last year around the same time. He was promoting his new album of covers (with a few originals).

Last year, the concert was at The Triple Door. There were nice tables and you could order food, etc. This time? There was a bar. That was it. Only standing room. 100 degrees outside, 80+ inside. Eww. Around the wall, there was a table extension, and Michelle and I secured a spot by it so we at least had something to put our bags on.

I can't remember who was first up to sing...Michelle didn't post about it, so I can't steal ^_^
But anyway, there were these two guys who were practically glued to each other-kissing, nibbling, attached at the hip. Too hot to cuddle!

I brought my camcorder, but had given up the idea of recording when I saw how crowded it was. But, by the time the first person was done performing, I didn't care any more. So. I recorded all of Jay's songs. There were some really sweet people who ducked out of the way every time they went past me :D

Apologies for the people in the way on some of the shots and my unsteady hand. Feet were killing me and hard to shuffle and not jiggle camera.

Not embedding these 'cause there are quite a few.

Bolded my Favorites.

1. Your Body's a Temple--Michelle's favorite song of his, from his previous album.
At the start, he is talking about the heat

2. On All Fours--He mentions that Seattle has the most vampires, then makes Twilight jokes :D Glittering FTW

3. Housewife--Dedicated to Edward Cullen! Hilarious!

4. Zombie--One of his covers from the new album and more talks of the freaking insane weather.

5. La La La--Another cover. Hilarious and catchy.

6. Jay just talking about T-Shirts

7. Beautiful--One of his originals from the new album

8. Soda Shop--Jay explains the inspiration for this song and points fingers at who introduced him to weed.

9. Jay giving us permission to drink so he'll look/sing better

10. Denmark--Cover, I think. Pretty.

11. Straight out of Compton--Jay's cover of a cover that he can't put on his album. Be warned: A lot of swearing ahead!

12. Both Hands--Cover. Another pretty song! (Shhhhh, but he forgot the words in the middle of it)

13. Goddamned--I love this song :D

14. Blowin' in the Wind--*dies* This was my absolute fav on the set. He normally has these African...clacker things. That he keeps beat with. But they broke (awww), BUT he decided to sing it A'Capella! It sounded amazing!

15. Can't Have it All--Last song. From his first album

At the end, we got our CDs signed. While in line, this one guy got his pic taken with him and scurried off after to squee at his friend "He touched me!" LOL

I hope he does another tour next year, but pleeeeese in an airconditioned venue!
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I didn't mention I was going to Seattle, did I? Well I am and did and am almost ready to head back home again lol.

Got here on Friday evening and we watched some TV and stuff.

On Saturday, we went to see the movie 500 Days of Summer with [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68 and a friend of hers. It was pretty good! :D Then, later, we went to the Torchlight Parade because Michelle wanted to run walk the 5k before the parade. I camped out with a book and read (and watched people try to carefully stack their garbage in the overfull garbage can) until it started to rain (!!!). After Michelle finished, we found a little sheltered spot to sit for a bit so she could cool down and eat/drink. It started to pour for a few minutes--people screeched and scattered LOL. Took the bus close to the apartment, but then realized we were on the opposite side of the parade *facepalm* Michelle found an opening and we ran across the parade to the other side.

Sunday, we went to Chinatown with Gin for a bit. Then there was a 6:00 concert with Jay Brannan at The Crocodile. There was no seating. Standing room only. It was at least 90 degrees outside and felt 80 something inside *dies*. I brought my camcorder and recorded all the songs, so I felt the experience/torment was worth it--that and the concert was really good, too! I'll blab more when I upload.

Right now, Sunday night, we are watching the ep of Dr Who that just aired. Or should I say "watching." Finding it kinda annoying and pointless.

Heading home Monday afternoon.

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Sunday, July 5th, 2009 07:56 pm
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And here are some of the pictures I took last weekend while in Seattle:
(Click on them if you want to make bigger)

clickie )

Long weekend in Seattle

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 02:35 am
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The weekend seemed really long, but perhaps that is because my weekend started on Thursday and lasted until Monday :)

Thursday, mine and [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68's birthday, I hopped on the train to head to Seattle. For the past several years (3 or 4?) we have been getting together to have a birthday weekend. As the train was pulling into the station, I overheard several people talking about Michael Jackson dying. I WTFed and just figured I had heard wrong. Nope. Both him and Farrah Fawcett died on our birthday o.O

[livejournal.com profile] bethctg2 was going to join us, but she had some really bad and bizarre flight problems and wasn't able to join us. Hopefully we can get you out here! Want to meet you!

Cabbed to Michelle's apartment. Cabbie not too familiar with where he was going and had his handy GPS talking him through the turns, with assistance from me as we started to sail past the building, resulting in a dive for the curb. And am I the only one who is paranoid to put bags in the trunk of the cab?

We pretty much lazed about Thursday and watched some movies. On Friday, we talked ourselves up to actually *gasp* leaving the apartment. We went a few blocks to Denny Park and read for about an hour, got pizza for lunch/dinner, then went home. Then we made some peanut butter cookies, nummy, and watched some movies.

On Saturday, we took a fairy to Bainbridge Island. On the way over, there was a rescue drill, where they sent out a speed boat. Interesting :) It is a very cute town, from what I saw of it. Very quiet compared to Seattle. Michelle's knee was hurting, so we didn't do too much walking. We were both in the mood for ice cream, so we went to a little store to see what they had. No decent single ice cream bars (!!!), so Michelle bought---what were they? Balls of ice cream surrounded by a chocolate shell. We ate those on the way back mmmmm. Then we went to see The Hangover. OMG! I think I enjoyed that more than I should have. 4 friends decide to have a Bachelor party in Vegas. They wake up the next morning: There is a tiger in the bathroom, a baby in the closet, one of them is missing a tooth (and found out he got married), and the groom is missing. So we follow them as they try to find the groom who is due to me married in just a few days. Fun :)
[livejournal.com profile] gin200168 joined us that night and stayed over.

On Sunday, Michelle and I went to find a good spot to watch the Pride parade and Gin went shopping and was going to meet up with us later. I took over 200 pictures and a handful of video footage (brought my camcorder along). Had a hard time deciding whether to take a picture, or to film it lol. There was a little girl--maybe 5 or so?--in front of us. People in the parade kept giving her stuff! *jealous* ;) Including balloons, which became a real nuisance. Also one guy, who I will call the Wahoo!!!11 guy decided, partway through the parade, to throw both fists in the air and cheer. All. The. Time. I'm sure you will be seeing his arms in several shots.
We had decent enough seats. Couldn't see very well for what was approaching, though.
There was also a little boy in front of us. A few people in the parade were trying to get him to kick a ball into a net. He looked so shocked when everyone cheered as he made a goal lol.
One highlight was the marching band, who started to play Thriller.
I wanted to get another picture of the rollerskating penis, but he zipped by really fast o.O
I'll make a separate post later with pictures and stuff.

Gin joined us partway into the parade and watched the last bit of it. We went back to the apartment, got food, ate food, then heading to the Seattle Art Museum. One of the exhibits was called Target practice--early art designed by destruction. Like someone shooting holes in canvas and calling it art. W.T.F. It broke my brain.

Okay, the sad part. Michelle and I had talked about trying to convince Gin to going with us to Portland so she could see some exhibit and we could go to a Chris Kane concert. We heard he was going to be playing all summer there, but his dates aren't updated and we aren't sure if we would get to go. We decided to wait so it would be less rushed. Turns out, it was Chris' birthday and Jensen was there! He lead the audience in singing Happy Birthday and joined the band on a few numbers. He was getting ready to head back to Vancouver to start filming SPN.

On Monday, we pretty much did nothing. Just watched some TV. I caught a cab a quarter to 2 to get back to the train station and get heading home.

Oh, and like 3 other people died that weekend as well o.O

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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 12:48 am
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Is it weird that I am more counting down the days until my next Seattle trip than I am for my birthday? Which happen to be on the same day?

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009 12:19 am
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Ack, gotta pack!
Heading to Seattle tomorrow (Thursday), then flying to San Francisco the next day. I think it is just starting to sink in o.o;

LMAO @ 'nervous' moodpic

My Weekend

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 04:27 am
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So, as maybe a couple of you know, I went up to Seattle this weekend to visit [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68. Train trip up was pretty uneventful. I got a nice single seat behind a double so I had room to set my bags next to me rather than tucked under my feet (can't store them overhead because I am too short). I watched an episode of Supernatural on laptop (trying to get through Season 1) and read.

I was actually on time *shock* and managed to catch a cab quickly and follow someone inside the apartments. Michelle had taken the day off work. We went to see Milk. Trailer here:

Michelle had seen it awhile ago back before it was finished and was telling me some of the bits that had been altered and changed, mostly for the better. I liked it more than I thought I was going to--a lot of movies I build myself up for I get disappointed by. Really hard to avoid spoilers for this, since it is a true story. Still really sad.

Gin joined us for most of the weekend. Her and Michelle had 'hair day' on saturday, so that took up a good part of the morning/afternoon. Went to Target to get me an outfit for a concert on Sunday.

Michelle had a office party so after Gin dropped her off, we hung around Ballard for a little and Gin took me to Archie Mcphee, saying it was a must, lol. Some neat stuff in there, but mostly of the sort that would just gather dust around the house, and I have been trying to be better about buying things like that.

We went home and waited for Michelle to come back via bus. Watched Supernatural. Umm...I think that was it.

Sunday, we took a walk to this Popcorn place (yummy) and a quick run to Pike's Place Market. Then back home to more SPN. Left Gin to Dexter while Michelle and I went to the Seattle Men's Choir. We didn't have the best seats, but they still weren't too bad. I was fascinated by the ASL guy and spent most of the time watching him. He was really into translating the songs into signs, almost like he was dancing to the whole thing. A couple of the songs were in a different language, so I watched him to try to get the idea of what they were about....not that easy when I only recognized about 1 in every 5 words. There were a couple of Christmas sing-alongs. The choir interrupted the middle of one to do a mock Prop 8 protest (I think that was what they were doing), which was amusing.

There were a couple of skits, a few songs by the Seattle Women's Chorus, and special guest star Jennifer Holiday....Okay, she has an amazing voice, but I can't stand that type of music. Not even ASL guy was holding my interest because the songs were so slow and 'showy.' I think Michelle heard me groan when she came on later to do another song towards the end.

Gin was gone by the time we got home. We watched Brother and Sisters (YAY, another classic episode. Love this show), and another SPN.

Michelle had to work on Monday. Got the number from her to call a cab before she left in the morning. Tried to go back to sleep. Watched a SPN when that failed, which left me only one disk left to go--2 eps. Michelle sent s2 home with me.

Forgot to take my camera, so no pictures of the cats :'(

The cab driver was super nice. We talked books and libraries all the way to the train station and he didn't push the button on the meter that adds a couple of bucks at the end of the stop, then rounded it down to 7 bucks. Normally like 9:30 or so. I still paid him 10 after a huge thankyou.

At the station almost an hour early, but I get paranoid easy. Got my seat assignment and waited for the train to board. lalala.

My seat was a backwards one facing this sour looking older lady. Eep.

The guy who comes over the loud speaker with a foreign accent is one of the trip highlights and always gets the passengers giggling, especially this older guy and woman in front of me a ways (not together) who kept cracking jokes and being very entertained. Lady in front of me rolled her eyes.

Soon, we started up a bit of a conversation. I couldn't see the guy very well. But the lady turns out had like no filter on her mouth and had a habit of saying the first thing that popped in her mind, which was very entertaining. More than I could hope to describe. The guy was getting off at my same stop and since he didn't have an e-mail addy (lol), she wanted me to stalk him and give her his mailing address. I told her I would do my best. The guy was amused. I teased him when we got off the train. Dad was waiting for me and actually knew the guy.

The lady had given me her business card, so I actually e-mailed her to chat a little and she replied. Might see how long I can keep up an e-mail conversation with her--she was quite fun to talk to.

Had an eventful day today also, but it is 5am and I kinda need to go to bed. Uugh, who needs sleep? x-|

Last ones

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 03:39 am
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Okay, last post for these pics....I took more on the way back home:

Rest behind here )

And because no Seattle trip is complete without a picture of Lisa, here ya go:

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Monday, September 22nd, 2008 03:36 am
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Okay, here's a brief wrap up of all I got up to in Seattle...

Train was actually on time getting there, despite being 20 minutes late to get me. Had to wait in the train station with a pair of screaming kids (they were actually fighting over the single payphone receiver, banging it around and yelling at each other). They ran laps around each other with delighted giggles for most of the time. Uugh. So train got here and they all went to the farthest door where a man was waiting. I trailed behind--dreading getting on with them--when the last of the people got off and I asked the man there if he was taking any more and he let me on! Woot! So I got a different car with no screaming kids in sight and a single seat! As far as I could tell, there was a blind lady across from me, a heavier lady with a wheelchair in front of me, and a young mother with a newborn who only gurgled a few times a few seats ahead. Dunno who else was behind me, but they were quiet. I read for the full two hours with a small stop to the dining car.
(so much for being brief lol)
So I wandered out of the station and found the line for the cabs. Had about a 15 minute wait before was my turn. The guy got me close to [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68's apartment building, but I was a little turned around and asked if he could loop around. I am getting a little bit more familiar with the area, at least :D
Got a nice lady to escort me and let me in to Michelle's place, then it was just me and the cats. And Dante's Cove, which she had all set up for me to start with the remote controls waiting for me (seriously, that's what they looked like lol). I left a few hours earlier and caught an earlier train just so I could finish watching Season 3 before Chandra got there (Michelle didn't think it would be quite her cup of tea).
Well, we got all...5? 6? episodes watched and had started on something else when Chandra arrived. Michelle and her were going to England, so they were going to leave together. I had talked to her in chats while we watched Dr. Who and Torchwood, but had not met her face to face. Went well ^__^

We watched some Blackpool--David Tennant+Singing/dancing=win! Though, technically, I was reading my flist and only paid attention when I felt a song coming on (it played the actual singer of the song with the actors' voices singing along underneath...if makes sense), so I have no idea really of the plot lol.

So yadda, yadda, bedtime. Morning time, we went out for breakfast, then back home to wait for Gin. Watched more Blackpool along with...ugh, some other show. My mind is blanking, but there was some nice angst that I paid attention for ^_^
We left for dinner, took a cab because of the rain, and found out the place we wanted to go was closed for a private party (grrr), so we wandered a bit and settled on this other place (yeah, I reaaaalllly pay attention to names) and we realized we left too early...or ate too fast...still had an hour before the play (Shrek the Musical, again)
We wandered over to the theater--they don't open doors until like 30 minutes before the play starts, and we had about an hour at that point. Turns out it was like 20 til before they opened, but we chatted--or everyone else chatted and I listened ;)
Our seats were a little closer than last time---but not much really. Michelle and I had brought binoculars this time, and it was nice to be able to see faces and the costumes better. And other things *pokes at Michelle*
Seattle is the 'test city' for the play, and they have been working on the songs and tightening things during their stay here. Only one more week before they are done and heading to Broadway. This time, the play seemed to move much faster and had a few dialogue changes and things.
There was one tender moment and some young kid in the audience went 'awwwwwwwww' Sounded too young to be sarcastic at all.
At the end of the play, everyone clapped to the beat again :D (Maybe it is the band geek in me that makes me happy about that??)

So then back home. Gin stayed for a bit longer (okay, it was pushing midnight) then left.

Oh, the whole apartment had no water, btw, or it was acting up. Saturday, the water was freely flowing through the toilet. By the time we were home, it was making funny noises.
A pipe had burst, from what I understand. When they fixed it and were repressurizing it, it broke again and all the hot water was gone, followed by the cold water. So just a little cold water in the morning.

We stayed home all Sunday. I caught a cab at a quarter to 2, and Michelle and Chandra were going to leave about 3. My cabbie scared the crap out of me. Darting in and out of traffic, accelerating, speaking on phone whole time....The one time I was almost late for my train and I caught a cab, he sped and got there in 10 minutes. This guy made it in 7.

Line at station went fast, I got my seat (a single again, woot!) and sat in to wait 20 minutes for us to move. I read some, and watched an ep of Six Feet Under. The train was doing a redlight test, so we had to go real slow for a bit (a lot of train related deaths around here, a couple Amtrak, and one huge one from some guy who was texting and didn't see his red light signal--WTF, dude? So yeah, tesing, all good. Made me a bit late for home, but *shrug*

Okay, picture time! Here are the rest of the pics from friday:
Cut because this is already getting long lol )

Train trip

Saturday, September 20th, 2008 03:17 pm
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All in Seattle now :)

I took a few (okay, a lot) of pictures from the train. There is this really gorgeous spot about an hour into the (2 hours) train ride, so peaceful. It was really cloudy and hazy out, but I think it just added to the atmosphere.

But on sunny days, the water is really blue and pretty. *looks out window* I am heading back tomorrow...I doubt it will be sunny by then. Weather kinda bleh. But I hope to be on the water-side of the train so I can get a few more pics *obsessed*
FYI, any dirty spots are because the train windows were filthy!

What I did today

Sunday, August 31st, 2008 12:20 am
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I helped Michelle clean her bedroom, laundry, and mail out...15? packages for paperbackswap.com *dances*

Then, on and off, we have been watching episodes of Dante's Cove and Slings and Arrows--which is pretty addicting. I went from hadly watching the first episode, to completely putting my laptop down for the last ones. We finished all of season 1 od S&A, and are almost down with season 2 of Dante's Cove.

I was just thinking about what to use for my daily pic, saw the TV, and thought 'what the hell?'
So, here is a snapshot of Dante's Cove:

Kevin and Toby are having an argument after Kevin was caught 'making nice' with another guy. Actually, it wasn't all Kevin's fault. Pity there wasn't a smutty scene when I got out my camera. ;)

Daily picture

Saturday, August 30th, 2008 12:33 pm
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Had a major headache last night. Actually went to bed before midnight *shock*

Yesterday, Jeff took me to Cinema Books, which is a bit past Michelle's. I bought a postcard and one of the Torchwood Magazines that has a Marsters interview in it. The bookstore had TONs of books, all about movies and TV. It was a fairly small shop, too, so the books were stacked everywhere.

On the way back to get to Michelle's, took this pic:

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Friday, August 29th, 2008 02:20 am
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Took this pic last week out of Jeff's car window as we neared Seattle. Really hard to get a good pic that doesn't have poles/powerlines, etc in the way
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After heading to Pikes Place Market around noon, Michelle, Gin, and I watched Shrek 1, 2, part of 3, then went to watch Shrek the Musical. Michelle is still humming the main song from it ;)

The play was amazing...and all the scenery and stuffs. Dunno how to even begin to describe it, lol. Seattle is the first city to get to see it before it moves on to Broadway.

I might try to do another post with a better description of my weekend once I am back home. Mind has been kinda scattered...plus I need to make sure I get enough sleep before brother comes to get me tomorrow.

Play time

Sunday, August 24th, 2008 12:59 am
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Went to see The Little Dog Laughed with Michelle and Gin

OMFG it was hilarious!!
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