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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 01:13 am
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I've been bad. Again. I need to remember that this is a journal for myself and to not refrain from posting because no one else cares.

*I went and saw True Grit on Saturday with Dad. I had heard many good reviews about it and the cast had me interested. It was quite good. I don't recall the original and have never liked John Wayne movies. The theater was nicely crowded and aside from a couple who smelled like smoke, not too bad ;) I highly recommend it, even if you aren't a big western fan.

*I got a Nook as a Christmas prezzie to myself. I justified it by putting whatever Christmas money I was given into my bank account to put on my credit card. I had gotten to see The Nook and Kindle at All Staff Day and I really liked the design of the Nook. Had been kicking around the idea of getting an eBook reader for awhile. And when I found the Nook only 10 bucks more than the Kindle, I jumped at it. I just need to remember that I have regular books...everywhere. I am able to read a bit faster with the Nook, and more often so maybe I should make a New Year's Resolution to read more books than I have the past year? The last couple years I tried that, I just went downhill lol.
And I also found that I can search 0.00 to bring up free books :D

*I got a promotion at work. Or, in other words, my job changed to the next position up. So instead of a Library Page, I am an Aide. About time. I've been doing an Aide work for the past year now. I do get to go through the joys of training soon.

Those are the biggies. Tons of little things like buying a 4.22 pound Yam/Sweet potato to make fries out of. 4 meals :D Yuuum!


Saturday, September 4th, 2010 06:30 pm
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Went blackberry picking and Leo followed me. I swear, that cat is like a dog sometimes. He headbutted my hand as I reached for some low berries, which almost got me stuck. Note: Tip toe past him next time.

Also, I visit a ton of sites everyday. So how come I pick up a virus from CNN.com? It was Malware that kept me from doing anything, insisting I had a virus and had to pay 40 bucks to get rid of it. When I restarted, I couldn't F8 (I think that is the right function to get safe mode?) Have to use the Function button to get to my F keys. I force restarted and it asked me if I wanted to restore from an early backup. Woot! Just what I wanted to do. Almost late to work this morning, but it appears to be all fine :D

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Saturday, April 24th, 2010 11:36 pm
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Tired of having a shower head that's functions no longer properly work and that it only covers the middle of my back, leaving my shoulders cold, I bought a new one. A 6 function hand-held.
It raises the shower height another 6 inches, which means I can barely reach it LOL, but as long as I can manage not to spray the ceiling when I make a grab for it, I am good :D

It says it uses like 40% less water and will help pay for itself, blah blah blah...but I think my showers are going to be twice as long now, so so much for that!
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Slowly, I am trying to get rid of all the annoying clutter and crap that makes me cringe when I see it.

First it was the assortment of no less than 10 bottles of shampoo in the shower ridge (Mom kept buying them when they were on sale), then it was the cat food area--I poured 8 open sacks of cat food into a large tub, tucked all Ki's treats in there as well, and got rid of the large box that had everything randomly tossed in it. Then I cleaned out my closet of pretty much everything so I could put my 5 CD changer boom box in there (I've always wanted my closet to play music, hehe).

Now, it was time to clean out under my bed. Before, there was barely room for a cat. Now...I think I can hide at least three bodies. I got rid of 2 wooden VHS tape holders and 1 cassette holder, three boxes of notebooks (one box had story snippets that I had written one a day for almost 3 years--those I tucked away (neatly) into a drawer by my computer), a huge stack of magazines that I was holding onto for Jeff (since he left and had already looked at them, don't need any more), a few boxes of 3x4 paper (are out of the boxes and neatly by my printer), some old crappy books, a few coin holders (yay money), a HS yearbook double (oops), a few three ring binders of newspaper clippings (one full of stuff making fun of Clinton that I did in the years before teh internets). And I think a few more random WTF things.

I vacuumed up several spiders, cobwebs, cat litter pellets, bugs, etc.

Now, all I have under there are my 5 notebooks containing my coin collections, a spindle of new DVD-Rs, 2 empty small binders that I will be using one of for NaNo, 2 photo albums and a box of lose photos, and....that is it :D

Took three hours, but makes me happy.

Next up...um...I really need to get rid of my old computer. Then I would have a nice little nook to put other stuff. Anyone have any idea how I can get rid of it? I am assuming the garbage not work. I hope it still works so I can delete a ton of crap off of it.

After that, there is a hall closet that has a few of my boxes in it that I don't want. Would love to be able to get that out of there, even though I rarely use that closet so the mess isn't OMG LOOKING AT ME EVERY DAY!!!111

Just wish I could get Mom to want to clean out some of her clutter :-/

Update time

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 01:16 am
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Okay, I have been really bad about updating lately. I would normally say because it is hiatus time, but it seems I have been more busy watching shows than I do during the fall. When did that happen? Either way, I blame/thank [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68

Uugh, it's a wonder I still remember how to do html!

Anyway, here are a few updates I have been putting off:

Jury Duty )

Portland trip 2 )
I actually wrote a fic :D (I wrote this and the last entry in the left over steam of fic writing). It is a SPN RPS one. Only my second in that fandom. Seems I can only write them (or anything lately) if I do it in one sitting. I need to read it several more times to make sure it isn't crap before I post it. My normal betas - one isn't in the fandom, and the other hates death fics (yes, I was mean to one of them *evil cackle*) So expect that up in a day or two...less than 1k words.

Just some updates

Sunday, July 5th, 2009 04:08 am
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Looks like I am on jury duty for August *sigh* Seems I get picked to do it once a year. Last year I almost ended up in the court room---had to go into the courthouse, watch a training video and stuff, then the trial got canceled like 10 minutes later *whew* That was the closest I have ever been.

Been working with the kittens. So far we have Boots, Fluffy (that's what we get for referring to it as the fluffy one bleh), and Spooks--one of the 2 black kittens that is more timid. Both of them look alike to me, so that is the only way I can tell it apart. I've managed to get them to eat pieces of hot dog out of my hand. Boots almost ran into the house when I opened the door.
They will let me kinda pet them...if they are occupied and don't notice me.

I've managed to snatch them all up tonight and hold them for a few seconds. Boots seemed the most helpless for effectively squirming away with the unnamed black kitten a close second. Fluffy's claws hurt the most when in GET AWAY mode, while Spooks is good at squirming away without raking my arms.

Able to get them to still approach me (If I provided proof of food) after they got let down.

The fireworks didn't freak them out as much as we thought it would. They didn't show up for a couple of days, back when the fireworks first started up, but they last two they were waiting on the porch for us. Mom kept freaking out about them not getting any food for 2 days.

SIMs 3

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 10:53 pm
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Okay...my copy arrived in the mail today. But I need to pack and go to bed early, and try to fax something... *stares at game* *whimpers* Maybe if I get everything done uber fast? Bleh.
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Not much lol, but I have seen a few movies :)

On Sunday, I went to see My Bloody Valentine--mainly because Jensen Ackles was in it and because it was in 3D.
I'm not too big a fan of horror...at all, but I still enjoyed this--just had to close my eyes a few times.
I have this habit of showing up early to movies, so I got there like 20 minutes before showtime and was the first one there. Played with the 3D glasses some, then zoned out to wait for entertainment. Wasn't too much longer before this couple came in. OMG they were hilarious! They were the type that doesn't take crap from each other, so they playfully bickered. The guy decided, while being painfully slow about it, on sitting in the row in front of me. Then he lined himself up with the center of the screen, which was right in front of me, and teased me for getting the best seat. He stood in front of me, moved one to the side, back in front of me, etc. Then he sat in front of me. The seats are nice so he didn't really block off my view. GF/Wife double checked that it was okay with me before taking her own seat. They chatted about the popcorn, to get nachos and candy or not, and...it was just so freaking hilarious. While he was gone, I chatted to the lady about some of the other theaters she has gone to and stuff.
Then a gang of about 7 noisy teens sat in the row behind me (WTF people? Next time, I won't try to nab good seats). They kinda irritated me since they were being loud and I couldn't listen in on the couple in front of me--lol.
Okay, movie time. Got the sign to put on glasses. Immediately everyone ooh'ed over the 3D logo.
I hadn't seen a 3D movie before, and it was definitely impressive. Glad that they didn't over use the scenes that had stuff jumping out towards you. Made the times that it did happen all the more effective. Example: Toward the very beginning. Bad guy with a Pick Axe--Scene was shows in some promotional interviews and stuff. Baddie throws the weapon towards the 'viewers' and it gets embedded in a car, cutting to a scene like you would be seeing it from inside the car. One of the gals behind me freaked out and dropped her popcorn. LMAO!
But the gore...definitely didn't need to see a 3D look at the inside of a gal who had her heart cut out. Or someone's head chopped in half with a shovel!
But the twist! Very nice! And I want to see again, but I really don't want to spend another 8.50--2 bucks more because it is a 3D.
The glasses were a little bit uncomfortable after awhile, so I had to cushion it with hair, but that did the trick.

I also went to see Valkyrie twice. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I really didn't find any scenes drawn out or boring, which is a rarity. Even seeing it the second time, there was no signing from me during any scenes at having to see them again. Definitely going to be buying this one when it comes out on video.
We all know what is going to happen in the movie, yet it is hard not to cheer his character along and cross our fingers, hoping he will succeed in killing Hitler (umm...sorry if that was a spoiler, because it really shouldn't have been).
(and yes, the eye patch was nummy :P )
Thankfully, it isn't showing here any more or else I might go again.
Maybe it will move to the little 3 screen theater so I can finally use up my 10 dollar gift card--worried that place is going to go out of business soon since it can't really compete at all with the new 10 screen theater. With the new one, if you go to the first showing of the day of a movie, it is a dollar off, so only 6.50 :)

Also, [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68 was able to find some cheap airline tickets, so in April, Michelle, Gin, and I are going to go to San Francisco. After Dad throwing a fit over LA a few years back, he's not even going to try to fight this one lol.

Mom's going in for surgery for gallbladder today. Has to get up at 5 in the morning and be at the hospital by 6. I think I am going to wait up for her to get up in the morning before heading to bed. As long as I am in bed by 5:30, I'll get my 6 hours sleep that I need to feel human when I wake up :)


Saturday, September 27th, 2008 04:44 am
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Somehow, I thought organizing my books at 3am would be a good idea. It is now almost 5am.

At one point, my floor looked like this:

Notice the cat, looking oh so innocent. She enjoyed nudging the tallest stacks of books. When I was moving books off the shelf, it looked much worse than it does in that pic.
The stack of books closest and to the left of my computer are 10 or 11 David Gemmell books that I had been saving for...I dunno. Loved one of his series, so bought a bunch of them over the years, but none were as good as those first books and I have no urge to read them.

So, my way of 'organizing' was to put all the books I have not read on one bookshelf by my door, and all the books I had not read and want to on the bookshelf by my bed. Heh. It kinda worked.

I ended up with a huge pile of books I didn't want (and couldn't post to paperbackswap.com because they were falling apart) and those will be looked over by Mom and tossed. I also posted about 50 more to PBS...a lot older books that I had had when I was a kid (including 5 different versions of Huckleberry Finn)

After pictures (can click to make bigger if you want to try to read titles, lol):

The top row are some things I still need to go through (maybe when I actually have some books to fill that space with) and see what I want to keep. Most I have not read. Next 3 rows are all ones I have read and want to keep (except for the odd stack of books on the 4th row--those are ARCs that I have no other place for. And the last row (which you can barely see) are all ones I have posted to paperbackswap and am hoping to get rid of.

There is another row that I couldn't get in the picture...it is filled with stuffed animals and some foreign language books (spanish, sign language), and a coin collecting book. Next row are all my paperbacks (and a few others) with a second row behind--those books I will eventually end up reading. Summaries all looked good.
Next row=miscellanious crap. Some I have read, some not, and all those binders need to be sorted and tossed out. My flute sheet music is also in there somewhere, too.
The next row is the one I will be working my way through. I have about 3 books by my bed, then I will start in on these...no particular order to them yet. And a picture of RSL that [livejournal.com profile] daasgrrl sent me is sitting on top because I had no where else to put him for now...need to find wallspace somewhere :-)
Last row....stack of CDs I no longer want, my Harry Potter books, a binder I need to clean out and keep, and a box of stuff relating to my old computer that I put all in one place back when we were moving and thought I might need...haven't looked at it in 5+ years. So chances are I can get rid of it.

Bleh...past 5am. Bed time.
PS...I did a spellcheck on this before posting and it says there are no spelling errors....seriously?? How the hell did I manage that lol.

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