Snow pics

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 06:04 am
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It's been snowing since 1am at least. Now it is 6am.

Here's the front roof:

And the back porch. Hard to see, but there is a step there:

Meet Tully

Saturday, January 7th, 2012 11:19 pm
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I don't think I have done a post about this cat before.

Wow, I can't even remember how he showed up. We had the trio of cats, then he was sometime after. I think we had been seeing him from a distance and once we put food out for him, he was all ours. Bit skittish, but I think he used to be a house cat. Guessing he liked to claw things so was given the boot.

He showed up mid last year, 2011. Then he disappeared for about a month. Showed back up scrawny and with a notch missing out of his ear.

Don't have any good pics of him before he disappeared, but this is after:

And, after about 2 more months of good eating and winter happening...turns out he is a long haired cat lol:

He had this habit of grabbing your hand after you petted him. With claws. Got him to stop doing that. He also liked to stretch on your leg, also with claws. I just need to 'hay!' at him and he stops whatever movement he had been doing lol

I think his previous owners used to hit him, as he flinches when you raise a strong hand and move to strike him, walk quickly toward him, or there is noise he is unfamiliar with. But that has come in handy with getting him to stop clawing me.

Just need to point at that bench in the pictures and he jumps right up there and flops down like he owns the place. Unfortunately, he can't be an indoor kitty, as my own, Ki, HATES other cats.

Anyone live close by (WA state) who wants a free kitty? He does kneed the carpet and whatever else he steps on, but I think that is partially due to him being so freaking happy when I do let him in for a few minutes.

Here, have some more pics:
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After, with all my photo albums (I plan to put actual books at some point there, but that requires too much thought at this point):

And, that is the first time in about 5 years I have seen the top of that bookshelf. It took my two days to flip through stacks of magazines and other crap (not literally) to clear it off. Yikes!
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Did a little photoshoot of Mom's dog, Mindy.

Note: She has a baby shirt on because she has a spot on her shoulder that she keeps scratching at (like so bad it bleeds).

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Hope everyone had a happy holiday!

I went out with Dad and to look at Christmas lights and took some pictures.
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Saturday, November 15th, 2008 09:46 pm
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Remember waaay back when I was doing the daily pictures and I took a very crappy far away picture of a couple kittens playing in the woodpile?

So, backtracking. We had this pregnant cat that wandered around. She was wild and wouldn't let dad near her. The above mentioned are her kittens. Well, Dad had taken to feeding them and managed to get them 'tame' enough to be in the same space as them. That was this spring.

Last week, the mother cat had started hanging out on the front porch on this wheelchair that we have no place for. She had ran away as soon as we turned on the light because that = Mindy getting let outside. Then, about 4 days ago I started leaving little handfuls of food on the chair for her. Then I managed to let Ki watch her from the window--they had a staring contest before the other cat ran off. Then I let Ki watch her at the door. Ki got fed up and started growling and hissed when she refused to do anything but stare back and I shooed Ki off out of the way and tossed out some cat food so she would know I was the one feeding her. She started to run off until I clicked at her.

I got her a little meat and got her to take a piece from my hand. Then she bit at my finger and swiped at my hand.

So, after a little more food, I decided to go outside yesterday and see if I could avoid getting eaten. After a little hesitation, she started rubbing against my legs and wanting attention. o.O She flinched every time I went to pet her at first, then settled down.

Today she let me rub the side of her face, a place I was avoiding in case she tried to bite. She did grab me once with her claws, but a 'uh uh' sound and she let go. And she tried to swat at my hair lol.

Anyway, the actual point of this post....PICTURES!
She hated the flash at first.

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Seattle part 2

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 01:45 am
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Uugh I had a wierd dream! Was hunting for my band teacher in a school I've seen but never gone to, and the school was all these mazes of steps and I was getting frustrated--like seeing glimpses of clothing, but when turned the corner, he not there. Then it started getting creepy and wierd and...I woke up to Michelle rustling in the kitchen...heard that noise in the dream lol.

Anywho...we lazed about, watched some of Psych (which I am becoming addicted to) before heading out to the It's About Life Expo. Lot of booths and stuff. Most interesting for me was a little book selection, but all the interesting ones I had already seen/read. Most interesting for Michelle were these stencil-on-wood art of how to tie a tie. She hesitated for all of 5 minutes before breaking down. There are 8 tiles, with various steps on them of how to knot it. While the artist was getting them ready, we wandered over to the stage area. Liz Clark was performing. She has a nice voice.
Pic is a little blurry:

After that, we were just in time to catch the 5:30 showing of Get Smart. It wasn't as good as I was hoping (a lot of the good scenes were shown in the trailers), but the end bits were hilarious. And it did have it's moments.

Went back to the apartment and watched more TV.

Then went to the ACT theater to catch Pinkaboo! The Closeted American Songbook with Phoenicia and Vic. I fell in love with Vic's voice. 'Nicia took a little bit of getting used to.
Picture with camera:

Then we watched Dr. Who.

And now bed...feeling all zombie-like

Forgot to mention...after Michelle put up the tie pictures, her cat, Lisa sat on the floor, glanced at them, then did a doubletake with wide eyes and just stared at them. For quite awhile. Then when we got home, she was sitting in a good position to have been staring at them while we were gone. *cackles* It was hilarious :D
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My first full day in Seattle (this trip). Time to babble :D

Woke up at 5 something. It seemed much later. Went back to sleep. (fuun lol). Then officially got up around...10? I am so bad with remembering times and stuff. We kicked around for a few hours, then went to head to the Seattle Art Museum for the Impressionist exhibit. Art's not my thing, but I try :) There were some lovely paintings and I bought a bookmark. *note to self, get it from Michelle before I leave*

On the way to SAM, Michelle had me take this picture. Yes, I admit it was amusing ;)

Then we went down to the waterfront to view The Nina---a replica of Columbus' famous ship.
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Then we went back to Michelle's apartment and watched part of a movie, Full Frontal, and pretty much fast forwarded through the whole thing. Sooo boring. Kinda reminded me of Chelsea Walls as far as pace and character studies.
Then we put on Body Shots, which was much better, though that isn't saying much ;) Was decent enough to keep my attention for at least half of it. And it ended with just enough time to zip off for dinner to meet with a group of people.
I actually chatted a little during dinner *shock*

Then we all went (I think everyone from dinner?) to see Avenue Q. Michelle pretty much begged me to go. I'd heard the soundtrack, and that it had puppets, and that was pretty much all I knew about it.
I almost laughed myself sick! It was hilarious! I thought it would be a distraction to see the 'puppeteers' out there, but I had a blast watching them. We hung outside a bit and were able to snag a few actors to get them to sign the program...I felt bad that we kept having to use someone else's pen, since we didn't bring one of our own lolz.

Those were the highlights ^__^

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Thursday, June 12th, 2008 01:49 am
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I just spent the last hour and a half cleaning. *shudder* Oh, the things I have found! (I am a bad hoarder)

As if that didn't waste enough of my time, I took pictures!!

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A few things to cover I guess.

Been meaning to mention this, but I just find it way to depressing...
The radio trio that I love, Dr. Doug, Daria, and Skippy, have broken up *sobs* Doug and Skippy went to a different radio station to do a morning show over there (no idea which one, but it is doubtful that I would be able to get it in, since I barely get the old one in clear), and Daria has stayed and gotten a new co-DJ, Mitch. I haven't listened in on them too much, but what I have heard sucks *sigh* Been listening to that station for like 4-5 years now, mainly for those guys (who were there before Daria joined them several years ago)....okay, moving on before I start crying...

I had gotten a digital camera for X-mas, but, since my computer is crap, I wasn't able to run the software to be able to get the pictures and videos on the 'puter.
Keep that in mind.

Last week, my printer finally bit the dust...or at least kept giving me damned error so I couldn't print anything. Had bought new ink for it and everything, which didn't help. (Is anyone interested in buying some ink from me? HP 56 Black, and HP 57 color)
So, went in to Staples to get a new one. Ended up with a 4 in one, so it is a printer, copier, scanner, and fax. Aaaaand, it has slots for thos digital camera memory sticks! So, via the printer, I can move any pictures or videos that I take with the camera! *pets printer*

So, for amusement, I am offering to take a picture or a video (will be a .mov, but I think I can convert to something else) of whatever you want..or maybe I should say almost lol. Pets, house, wall, ceiling, pathetic window plants...don't care. Request away.
Providing anyone cares enough to request, it might be a day or two until I toss them up here.

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