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...I was talking to a patron at the library, a lady that my Dad used to know. We chat every once and awhile when I see her. She was looking into forms of advertising her business and stuff and I almost recommended her to Ben because he has a nice deal on handmade pamphlets that could help advertise her business.

WTF, brain?

Catch up

Sunday, December 14th, 2008 12:10 am
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Okay, time to play catch up on what's been happening the last few days---

Yesterday was incredibly boring at work: There was hardly anything to shelve. On top of that, I was feeling kinda out of it--I blame it on the 4 hours sleep I had the night before, after staying up to watch All Over the Guy (Youtube trailer link here --Just watching the trailer makes me want to see if again LOL). I was originally only going to watch 15 minutes to see whether I would watch it later, or delete it. Was going to burn it onto a disk, but the burn screwed up (I blame a set of bad disks) so I went to buy it on Amazon ^__^
Anyway, my 'icky feeling' turned into a throbbing headache. I watched a movie with [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68 and then crashed into bed at only 11:30. I was trying to lay on my side, but Ki wanted to lay on me---she ended up straddling my side, which was hilarious and very unconfortable, so I had to roll onto my back. Fell asleep as she was snuggling under the covers. Woke up at 4 with her sprawled on my back. Went the bathroom, then went back to sleep. Didn't wake up until 10:30. So for once I got a ton of sleep lol.
Today at work was also boring. I got there at 12, went to the post office to pick up the mail, then chatted to a guy (who has written some nonfiction books and was currently writing a novel) for about 20 minutes. So it was about 40 after when I started to shelve. I paused after I did half the books to ask Carol a reference question (she looked bored, lol), which took all of 5 minutes.
I was all done shelving by 2, so I took a 15 minute break (which lasted almost 17 minutes because I was reading a book and it was in the middle of a tense, yet hilarious, scene that I couldn't stop in the middle of.
So the last 2 hours were spent checking the book drop, shelving the bits and pieces of things that came in, chatting to coworkers and patrons, browsing books on the shelves, and straightening things. I was so happy to find a shelf of books that were in the wrong place--but it only took me 3 minutes to fix :'(

Moving on...or backwards:
Thursday I had a writer's group meeting (we meet a couple thursdays a month). The last meeting only 1 person was able to show up and I passed her a few chapters of my nano novel. She gave me feedback at this meeting. She seemed to like it, but gave me a few suggestions to make the pace move faster and gave me some great ideas of things to add. Turned it in to the others (yay, everyone showed up) and will see. One of the other gals keeps calling my tuff porn just because there is a m/m pairing in it *sigh* Kiss =/= porn.

Continuing on backwards:
Tuesday, I went to work early, so I could get off at 5 (instead of 8) because there was going to be a TGIO (Thank God It's Over) NaNo party at 6. Made a bunch of cookies the night before to bring.
About 12 people showed up, only a couple of them I knew from the few meetings I was able to attend, and one of them is in my writing group.
We chatted and played a few games while we waited for our leader--Liz--to show up. We made a card and signed it for her. She was a couple hours late.
After Liz arrived, we crowned our King and Queen: person who wrote the most, and our person who verified as the winner first on the NaNo site.
We drew names out of a hat for prizes-some books and goodies. We were able to almost go 2 rounds since there was tons to give away. The last item on the counter was a XXL NaNo 2006 T-Shirt that no one wanted. I was drawing the last name and I got myself. Even as a nightshirt, I doubt I could wear it *giggles*
I surprised myself by staying until the party broke up at 10. We took pictures around this table where the seats were so slow and soft that it was hard to get out of them again. If I ever get to see the pic(s), I'll post them up here.
We are planning on getting together on the 16th of January to read a bit from out novels and catch up. I don't plan to read--yet I have a feeling I will be forced into it. Uugh...I hate all forms of public speaking!

So. That has been my week.

Upcoming stuffs....
I might go see The Day the Earth Stood Still tomorrow--despite the neg reaction to Keanu. Then on Monday morning is the staff breakfast. Last year I couldn't go because I was in Seattle, plus it snowed a lot and only 2 people showed up. So as long as not too icy, I will go :-)
And...I think that is it.

Oh--First snow of the season this morning :D

Final Word Count

Monday, December 1st, 2008 12:02 am
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36528 / 50000 words. 73% done!

Uugh. The last couple of days, my brain failed and I could only do less than a thousand each day. But I passed my month goal of 30k! *dances*

And, in case anyone is interested, here are the first 5 chapters!
clickie )

I appologize for any errors...I've barely had a chance to read it over once.
Might post more if there is any interest.


Thursday, November 20th, 2008 11:59 pm
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I'm behind, but woot!

25400 / 50000 words. 51% done!

(no subject)

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 02:24 pm
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13263 / 50000 words. 27% done!

I think NaNo is killing my brain.
I have started to forget using quotes and putting odd spaces in the middle of words. o.O
WTF, self?

I should be at 18k by the end of today....uh, I don't think that is going to happen. But these last few days haven't been very productive. One of my secondary characters that was just introduced isn't playing nice with me (actually, the kid is supposed to be a little bastard, but I can't get him to behave). I was originally, before I started writing, toying around at making him evil and making this story take a sci-fi-ish turn....but that would kinda kill the direction this story will be headed. But now...I am tempted to reconsider. Oi.


Thursday, November 6th, 2008 02:57 am
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I am still off by a couple thousand words from where I should be, but so far I am at 6753 words and 17 pages, longer than anything I have written in years.

I finally got to get into some of the main-character backstory and, well....it kinda took off. What was originally going to be summed up in maybe 3 meaty paragraphs went on for 3 pages and pretty much contain almost a full day's writing count. And finally I have something worthy to use as an excerpt at the NaNo site.

So, *deep breath* If anyone wants to check out my summary (which is actually pretty crappy atm since most of my creativity is going into the actual story) and my 3 page excerpt, head over to my profile:


Saturday, November 1st, 2008 08:30 pm
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Uugh, I give up trying to edit my information right now. The site is being so unstable for me

So. Who all else is giving it a go this year? Feel free to look me up and add me! Same username as here. I'll add you back :D

So far, I am at 1537 words. Started last night at midnight and got a nice 800 words in that first hour, so I am happy about that.
Only problem is that I am not sure if my story, even completed, has 50k words in it. Guess if I finish, I can try a sequel lol.

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