Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 04:50 pm
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I hate hate hate, that I can only go back about 3 weeks on my flist, even with skipping the communities. Is there any way to view more? I haven't been on in a month and I am missing posts :(

I participated in NaNoWriMo once again. And this time I won :D First time in quite awhile I had nothing going on and I had some good write ins where we spent like 2-3 hours in near silence just writing. It was awesome. And, I made the paper:

My novel is about two bull riders who fall in love.

I saw an awesome movie a few nights ago. It is called Hell or High Water. It stars Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges. Those two are awesome. It reminds me a bit of True Detective, in that the setting is almost like a character, and that you start to cheer a bit for the bad guys. The dialogue is fantastic and lots of fun.
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...I was talking to a patron at the library, a lady that my Dad used to know. We chat every once and awhile when I see her. She was looking into forms of advertising her business and stuff and I almost recommended her to Ben because he has a nice deal on handmade pamphlets that could help advertise her business.

WTF, brain?
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Love this daily comic. Met the creators a few years ago and got a couple of their books signed. Every day in November 
there is something NaNo related so far (most have to be read in order), so head over to
and check them out. Can view all the comic strips or sign up to their daily mailing list and get a comic a day.

Fandomy stuff

Friday, November 10th, 2006 01:13 am
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Are there only 3 more eps of Prison Break??? Or did I mishear the advert? Said something about the final three episodes.

I wish there was a NaNoShoStoWriMo :P

I don't care if you had mvids, you have got to see this new one if you haven't already:
Take my word for it!

And, a much belated: House ramblings )

It is Dad's birthday tomorrow. I took a half hour off work to run to Sears to get him something so he wouldn't get suspisious/worried that I was home late. *rubs hands together* I love being sneaky. Once I went shopping with him, went off to look at something for awhile. I bought him something, ran it out to the car where I had left a window rolled down enough to squeeze my hand in to unlock the door. Brought a big coat with me that I had taken off because to large, and I hid the present underneath it in the backseat. ;)
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Well, after 600 words, I decided to go with my backup story. I have slowly been typing away at it when I get the chance, and it is a blast to work on. Very doubtful that I can turn it into a 50k word novel at my pace. I type for an hour and only get about 700 words, and that is with the part I am typing all planned out. Damn, I hate being a perfectionist...I can't live with typing errors.
So, word count so far: about 2,300. Yeah sad. But I am happy in the fact that about 3000 words have been written in addition to that for the RPS cowrite, which to me is more important than NaNo.

Sunday was actually a good day at work compared to last week. Last week, I was up and off my knees so much that I had a large bruise under my left kneecap for a few days.

It has been raining here for pretty much 3 days straight, with only a few small pauses. I heard it will stop Tuesday. Going to start flooding the roads soon if there are no more breaks until then. It has been a good couple of years since there was water over the roadway. I remember, quite a few years ago, Dad driving me around the area to look at all the roads that were closed due to the water levels.

Lotsa stuff

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 01:03 am
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Well...'ello all ^.^

I'm back...not that I have been anywhere to return from.

Just going to jabber about things and see where I take myself and you poor readers.

The interview thingy a few weeks ago that I think I failed to mention about went fine. There were 2 other people interviewed as well. Both guys, which surprised me. About 90% of all library workers are female, according to what I see at all staff day (which is October 8th this year). We were basically asked stuff about our job. We all stressed at how annoying it was to not get computer training until we move from Page to Aide. I wonder if anything will come of it. Well, all of us were quite shy--including the whole 'wait for someone else to aske question first.' One of the guys worked right there at the Service Center, and had for several months. The other worked in Olympia for...6 months or something like that. They were real nice.
Moving along...

The last episode of House was my favorite by far this season, and most of last season, yet I have only seen it once and not typed up a review. As for my internet time, it seems like I am swamped when I get on here, and not enough time to do everything in. Like right now. I have about an hour until I am supposed to be in bed, but I can stretch that for another half hour, yet still that isn't enough time to do things in.

The AD/RSL RPS fic series I have been cowriting is a blast and takes priority over everything else I have going. Sometimes I get so focussed that I only leave myself a few hours for my flist. Then someone posts an epic story that I have to read and I am up until 4 and Mom is pissed and wants to take away my computer *facepalm*

Speaking of writing, I have decided to try NaNoWriMo this year! 2 years ago, I heard a bit about it, but not enough to realize quite what it was. Then last year things clicked a bit, but I didn't even consider trying it.
So. This will either be tons of fun, or Hell. I do have a backup story idea in case the first one demands to be shot. Dunno if I will post any of it here unless I am terribly proud of it. It will be an original, so I doubt many of you would really be that interested.
November will be interesting. The NaNo, posting a new RPS fic every other day, keeping up on flist, some betaing, RL, IM conversation(s).

*thinks* I know there was more I wanted to say about...something.

Prison Break==*Sob*

No new House for awhile==*Sob*

I have another song post to do before my links expire. That will take awhile...Hope I can get to it tonight ^.^

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