Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 04:50 pm
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I hate hate hate, that I can only go back about 3 weeks on my flist, even with skipping the communities. Is there any way to view more? I haven't been on in a month and I am missing posts :(

I participated in NaNoWriMo once again. And this time I won :D First time in quite awhile I had nothing going on and I had some good write ins where we spent like 2-3 hours in near silence just writing. It was awesome. And, I made the paper:

My novel is about two bull riders who fall in love.

I saw an awesome movie a few nights ago. It is called Hell or High Water. It stars Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges. Those two are awesome. It reminds me a bit of True Detective, in that the setting is almost like a character, and that you start to cheer a bit for the bad guys. The dialogue is fantastic and lots of fun.
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I seem to be lurking a lot these days, though I do try to keep up on reading my flist, at least :)

I've written 5000+ words on an Adam/Blake fic. It kinda sucks, but it feels good to be writing again!

Nothing too exciting going on here. Same, same. More TV DVRing than I know what to do with....11 hours recorded on Tuesday ack!

I saw The Martian last week. Very good! Definitely going to buy it when it comes out. Next, I want to see The Walk. Looks amazing :)

Dallas Buyers Club

Saturday, March 15th, 2014 04:16 am
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I saw it a few days ago. Still letting it sink in.

spoilers )

This is the End

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 01:48 am
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I just saw the movie. Now, I love disaster movies...

...and this was the best disaster movie ever!

So much wrong, though. So much.


Monday, December 16th, 2013 10:58 pm
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Hobbit was awesome (review to follow at some point)

Man of Steel is the worst movie I have seen this year. I would rather stare at a blank TV screen for 2 hours than watch this again. Hate hate hate!

Iron Man 3

Monday, May 13th, 2013 04:50 am
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Still trying to get my thoughts in order, as I am still in a state of EEEEEE over it lol

Spoiler babble )

Iron Man 3

Sunday, May 12th, 2013 02:41 am
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Going to see it tomorrow (well...later today as it's past midnight), finally! Wanted to last week, but something came up.

Hunger Games

Monday, March 26th, 2012 11:23 pm
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So, I caved and went to see it (was planning on waiting a few weeks or so).

Spoilers be here )

Update: Life

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 01:13 am
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I've been bad. Again. I need to remember that this is a journal for myself and to not refrain from posting because no one else cares.

*I went and saw True Grit on Saturday with Dad. I had heard many good reviews about it and the cast had me interested. It was quite good. I don't recall the original and have never liked John Wayne movies. The theater was nicely crowded and aside from a couple who smelled like smoke, not too bad ;) I highly recommend it, even if you aren't a big western fan.

*I got a Nook as a Christmas prezzie to myself. I justified it by putting whatever Christmas money I was given into my bank account to put on my credit card. I had gotten to see The Nook and Kindle at All Staff Day and I really liked the design of the Nook. Had been kicking around the idea of getting an eBook reader for awhile. And when I found the Nook only 10 bucks more than the Kindle, I jumped at it. I just need to remember that I have regular books...everywhere. I am able to read a bit faster with the Nook, and more often so maybe I should make a New Year's Resolution to read more books than I have the past year? The last couple years I tried that, I just went downhill lol.
And I also found that I can search 0.00 to bring up free books :D

*I got a promotion at work. Or, in other words, my job changed to the next position up. So instead of a Library Page, I am an Aide. About time. I've been doing an Aide work for the past year now. I do get to go through the joys of training soon.

Those are the biggies. Tons of little things like buying a 4.22 pound Yam/Sweet potato to make fries out of. 4 meals :D Yuuum!

(no subject)

Thursday, December 31st, 2009 10:50 pm
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Got Frequency in the mail from Guess what I am going to be watching until midnight :D Was time to finally upgrade from my VHS copy. It (and Con Air) are one of my fav movies to watch with Mom...for some reason. Get to watch in widescreen! *drools*

(no subject)

Monday, October 26th, 2009 07:58 pm
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I finally saw House of Wax. Holy shit! *shudder*

At least now I have seen something that Chad has been in... ^_^
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Not much lol, but I have seen a few movies :)

On Sunday, I went to see My Bloody Valentine--mainly because Jensen Ackles was in it and because it was in 3D.
I'm not too big a fan of all, but I still enjoyed this--just had to close my eyes a few times.
I have this habit of showing up early to movies, so I got there like 20 minutes before showtime and was the first one there. Played with the 3D glasses some, then zoned out to wait for entertainment. Wasn't too much longer before this couple came in. OMG they were hilarious! They were the type that doesn't take crap from each other, so they playfully bickered. The guy decided, while being painfully slow about it, on sitting in the row in front of me. Then he lined himself up with the center of the screen, which was right in front of me, and teased me for getting the best seat. He stood in front of me, moved one to the side, back in front of me, etc. Then he sat in front of me. The seats are nice so he didn't really block off my view. GF/Wife double checked that it was okay with me before taking her own seat. They chatted about the popcorn, to get nachos and candy or not, was just so freaking hilarious. While he was gone, I chatted to the lady about some of the other theaters she has gone to and stuff.
Then a gang of about 7 noisy teens sat in the row behind me (WTF people? Next time, I won't try to nab good seats). They kinda irritated me since they were being loud and I couldn't listen in on the couple in front of me--lol.
Okay, movie time. Got the sign to put on glasses. Immediately everyone ooh'ed over the 3D logo.
I hadn't seen a 3D movie before, and it was definitely impressive. Glad that they didn't over use the scenes that had stuff jumping out towards you. Made the times that it did happen all the more effective. Example: Toward the very beginning. Bad guy with a Pick Axe--Scene was shows in some promotional interviews and stuff. Baddie throws the weapon towards the 'viewers' and it gets embedded in a car, cutting to a scene like you would be seeing it from inside the car. One of the gals behind me freaked out and dropped her popcorn. LMAO!
But the gore...definitely didn't need to see a 3D look at the inside of a gal who had her heart cut out. Or someone's head chopped in half with a shovel!
But the twist! Very nice! And I want to see again, but I really don't want to spend another 8.50--2 bucks more because it is a 3D.
The glasses were a little bit uncomfortable after awhile, so I had to cushion it with hair, but that did the trick.

I also went to see Valkyrie twice. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I really didn't find any scenes drawn out or boring, which is a rarity. Even seeing it the second time, there was no signing from me during any scenes at having to see them again. Definitely going to be buying this one when it comes out on video.
We all know what is going to happen in the movie, yet it is hard not to cheer his character along and cross our fingers, hoping he will succeed in killing Hitler (umm...sorry if that was a spoiler, because it really shouldn't have been).
(and yes, the eye patch was nummy :P )
Thankfully, it isn't showing here any more or else I might go again.
Maybe it will move to the little 3 screen theater so I can finally use up my 10 dollar gift card--worried that place is going to go out of business soon since it can't really compete at all with the new 10 screen theater. With the new one, if you go to the first showing of the day of a movie, it is a dollar off, so only 6.50 :)

Also, [ profile] michelleann68 was able to find some cheap airline tickets, so in April, Michelle, Gin, and I are going to go to San Francisco. After Dad throwing a fit over LA a few years back, he's not even going to try to fight this one lol.

Mom's going in for surgery for gallbladder today. Has to get up at 5 in the morning and be at the hospital by 6. I think I am going to wait up for her to get up in the morning before heading to bed. As long as I am in bed by 5:30, I'll get my 6 hours sleep that I need to feel human when I wake up :)

What I did today

Sunday, August 31st, 2008 12:20 am
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I helped Michelle clean her bedroom, laundry, and mail out...15? packages for *dances*

Then, on and off, we have been watching episodes of Dante's Cove and Slings and Arrows--which is pretty addicting. I went from hadly watching the first episode, to completely putting my laptop down for the last ones. We finished all of season 1 od S&A, and are almost down with season 2 of Dante's Cove.

I was just thinking about what to use for my daily pic, saw the TV, and thought 'what the hell?'
So, here is a snapshot of Dante's Cove:

Kevin and Toby are having an argument after Kevin was caught 'making nice' with another guy. Actually, it wasn't all Kevin's fault. Pity there wasn't a smutty scene when I got out my camera. ;)

My day

Friday, August 15th, 2008 04:03 am
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Had to work early again. Got woke up at 6am when Ki jumped on me, curled up, then started hacking. Had to push her to the floor, get out of bed, and rub her back until she stopped. I was nearly blind and dizzy from lack of sleep at that point. Luckily was able to fall back asleep.

Mom and Jeff picked me up after work and we went to the $3 theater to see Iron Man. Very good movie! But the theater was like 80 degrees of still air. Uugh! Had dinner there--they serve you while you watch the movie.

Raced home right away to shower and revive myself. Definately bringing a fan next time!

Daily picture...*digs around on camera*

Here is a pic I took a few days ago, just as I turned onto the dead end road that leads to the house:


Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 01:13 am
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Have a headache and I need to get up early at 8 for work at 10. Doing a full day, 10-8. Yay extra money...I guess.

After I shut Pea down...I remembered I needed to do the daily pic thing. So...

Today, went into town with Mom and Jeff to have dinner and a movie + shopping. Went to see X-Files movie. I loved the series a lot (not the Doggett eps though). Movie...meh. Best bit was when spoiler plus review )
Recap: Tired+headache=rambling and not making sense

After movie, we went for food, and to Wally.

I ended up buying a few things for Ki:

Dollar Store cat toy that looks pretty sturdy, and a few cat foods that she likes the best: Chicken and liver. Yum. *blink*


Saturday, July 26th, 2008 10:47 pm
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Another good day for stuff in Seattle. Went to a film earlier called In Search of a Midnight Kiss. It was an independent film, shot in black and white. About this guy who was trying to find love on Craigslist 24 hours before the new year. He finds a date and....well, telling what happens would give away the ending ;) But it was really good and had very nice and quick dialogue that really moved the plot along.

And, tonight, the whole reason for this visit--to see Jay Brannan's Fat is a Feeling concert tour. Eeeee!!!!!11 He was hilarious! And a lot of the people there (almost a full house) had definately heard of him and were hollering and clapping. He mentioned the Margaret Cho vid he put up a few days ago and the crowd went wild (while I squeed because I had been hoping he was going to sing the song. He 'claimed' he didn't remember all the words, but he sang the chorus and a bit of the start. Here is the version with him and Margaret Cho:
(WARNING!! Crude and very naughty)

I managed to sneak off a picture (hey, need to have something to post for my daily picture :D ) and I brought along the album I bought awhile ago to get it signed.


Michelle had been wanting him to sing Your Body's a Temple and was sad after he sang his last song, but the audience was screaming so much that he came back for one more. After having that song title hollered at him (he thanked everyone for saying that), he sang it ^_^

He was adorable. While he sounds good on Youtube, he is way better in person. Uugh, I hope he comes back here so I can poke at Michelle to go with me again ;)

My Saturday

Sunday, July 20th, 2008 04:14 am
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Worked from 12 to 4 today. Been wanting to see The Dark Knight, so decided to see it after work. Closest showing was at 6:30, so I had some time to kill. Probably should have gone home--only 20 minutes away, but eh. Went to get lunch--and naturally I was served in record time; like 7 minutes. Ate out in the car. Half hour gone. Went out to Sears. They are in the same mall as this new theater (10 or so screens) is going to be put in. Supposed to have happened 3 years ago, but you can actually see the progress now. Sears had no idea when the theater would be completed.
I wandered around their sales and found a clearence shelf. They were selling DVD-R disks...50 pack for 10 bucks. I am getting low and they normally run about 20 bucks. So I stared at them a bit. I might have even licked my lips. Anyway, one of the cashier people asked me if I had signed up for the Sears Gold card...because I would get 15 bucks instant savings if I did. So I checked to make sure I hadn't signed up before, made sure there would be no hidden charges, then scurried out to my car to get money and ID ( I had only brought 2 bucks with I wouldn't be tempted to buy anything). So I got 2 packs for about 6 bucks. WOOT.

After that, I went to Sunbirds to poke around the shirts for sale. There also used to be an old bookstore there that disappeared after the flood. I asked about it and a lot of the books had been damaged with the flood, plus the lady that ran it had lost her house :( Sucks.

45 minutes until showtime, I circled the street looking for parking. Had to do two laps before I settled on a far away spot in a parking lot. Then I went to a bookstore nearby the theater. They only sell new books, so I never buy from them, but I like looking.

Then I went to stand in line. I had bought my tickets already 'just in case' and this line was for the door. We had to wait for other people to get out from their showing. Waited in the sun--was a bit hot.

Theater was about 2/3 full.

Movie was awesome! Dragged a bit in the middle, but the second! And I totally was wanting the joker He totally stole the show and the 'pencil trick' earned applause.


Brother is visiting next week, Wednesday. And I am up to Seattle to visit [ profile] michelleann68 Fri-Sun. Want to go see movie again at some point with brother. Shall see.

Okay, daily pic time *digs*

The wild backberries are almost ripe!

Time to go hunt for some!
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Worked for 4 hours on Saturday. I got the joy of getting the bookdrop. It was a bit full, but I didn't want to make two trips to I filled up out courier box super full and got everything. A lady came behind me and asked if I needed help--I jumped because I hadn't heard her lol. Box wasn't too heavy, but a bit bulky. To get back down to the library, there are these two sections of stairs. As I headed down the first, I missed the last step--so much fun thinking you are about to step on solid ground and end up not.
Managed to keep a hold on the box while falling to one knee and banging it up against the wall. Only managed to hurt my leg a little and it acted up through out the rest of my shift. A few minutes after, I asked Lou if he had heard anything. Naturally he said no. Oi. Could have broken my neck and no one would have noticed lol.

So after work, I went to see Hancock. Showed 40 minutes after I got off, so excellent timeing. It was better than I expected. I had heard some crappy reviews from it. Aside from the one OMG they DIDN'T!!! O.O scene (if you saw it, you should know what I am talking about), it was pretty good, and I enjoyed the nice twist towards the end.

A month or so ago, there was this online promotion thingy where you could order a button 'promoting' your favorite show. I naturally put down for the House one. Well, I got it today (because no one remembered to get the mail yesterday), and actually, I got all of them. Eh? I remember that the default button was set to the first one...I wonder if that caused some problems so they decided to give every one all of them....or am I just spechul? ;)
Anywho, here is a pic of them all:

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I was driving around town, killing a little time before a movie, when Mom called me up on the cell. She started by saying she had some bad news, then said that Dad went out to the property (we clear land to sell) and went over to his cat (bulldozer thingy), and I coulda swore she was going to say he lost a leg or something.
But it turned out, some assholes set fire to it! WTF?

Rant time, fyi...

The cat needed some work done to it so it would run, and we were just days away from getting it moved back to the house. Now, who know's how much it will cost to get the electronics working. And, naturally, we didn't have insurance on it. The sheriff that 'investigated' things said it looked like it was doused in gasoline, and torched. It was probably worth about $14,000, even if it wasn't running.
We are so far into debt that Mom has several credit cards maxed out and we might have to sell our house and move again. We have one piece of property that we can sell, but it isn't worth as much unless Dad can clear off a homesite, which he needs the cat for.
So not a good start out to the new year :(

I was tempted to go home, but went to Kaijas, where they sell critters, cats, birds, fish plants, and stuffs. Only one lonely cat there that ignored me (I visit sometimes because the kittens are adorable), so I looked at the rodents, then went to the parrots. The birds are allowed to wander around on top of their cages. I was seeing if any were friendly, and one grabbed my finger and stepped onto my hand, then started to try to inch its way up my arm. So I amused myself with keeping it from doing that--switching it to different hands, etc. Finally had to shove it off back to the cage-top, and it looked like it wanted to jump at me, so I moved away and it started to screech, which set the others off *facepalm*

I bought a few bulbs for Mom, the flower nut, and escaped.

Got to the movie about a half hour early, but I brought my notebook in with me so I could get a bit of story-writing done.

Movie I saw was Cloverfield. I have heard people hating on it, but I loved it. I didn't find the film-style nauseating at all like some did, and it very much made you feel like you were there.
I have also heard complaints that there was no character development. The movie takes place in about 7 hours, and most of that is spent trying to stay alive. When the hell is there time for character development?? When it ended, there was no sound at all during the credits and my ears were ringing. I needed to sit out in the car for several minutes to calm down enough to drive.
Ah, I love disaster flicks :D

So, that was my day. *sigh*

Now, to go see how many times Heath Ledger is mentioned in my LJ :'(
I dug out my old Roar tapes and watched an episode this morning with Dad. When I came home, he asked me if that was the same guy that killed himself because he saw it on the news. *facepalm* Told him who that was several times...

*Wanders off*

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