Monday, February 3rd, 2014 07:11 pm
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As of today, I have been at my library job for 10 years....How did that happen? o.O

All Staff Training Day

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 12:34 am
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We just got a list of sessions to pick between and sign up for for All Staff Training Day in September. Brent Hartinger is one of the choices! *squeee pounce*


Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 10:12 pm
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So. DVD theft has been a huge problem at our branch.
One of our favorite patrons was just observed exiting the library without checking out a huge stack of DVDs.
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Thursday, I had training at the Service Center to learn about eReaders and Overdrive, the library program that allows you to check out library books. It was from 9am to 1pm.

Normally, I sleep until like 11am, but I had to get up at 7. I don't do too well with that, mainly because I have this fear of my alarm not going off. I never have a problem getting to sleep, but I always wake up several times.

Well...waking up several times was a bit of an understatement. I woke up at least once every half hour and had the strangest dreams! A highlight was hearing sleepy Benedict Cumberbatch in the other room giving some phone interview (I squeed in my dream lol). I also dreamed, twice, about a floating chicken (not flying, floating). Looked at the clock and it was 5:30, dreamed Dad woke me up to get going, then when I looked at the clock, it was only 5:45 *cries*

Training was....kinda fun, actually. Three of us from my library, and two from another. Toward the end, I started getting sleepy and almost nodded off a few times.

I don't remember much about the drive home lol


Monday, January 24th, 2011 12:29 am
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On Thursday and Friday, I had to go to some training at the library service center in Tumwater to learn how to use the computer program that I already knew how to use. I almost fell asleep a couple times. There were only 4 people in the class, counting me. The second day, someone couldn't make it, so I was moved to the front of the room (day before I was hiding in the back) *cries* so I couldn't check my e-mail. The instructor was right behind me lol.

Worst part though was getting there at 10am, since I am normally a night owl and stay up until 6am. Changing my sleeping/waking schedule for those days wasn't fun. But I got Saturday off (YAY) and slept for 11 hours (oops).

On the way home on Friday, I kept eying the signs for Lucky Eagle Casino, trying to decide if I could manage to find the place due to the signage. But I can't afford to gamble. Then I almost had no choice as the lane I was in turned out to be an exit only lane and I had to jump over. Maybe it was a sign and I lost out on the opportunity to win 10gs?

So instead, I went to Coldstone Creamery and ordered a scoop of French Vanilla and fudge. It almost killed me. Soooo good.

Update: Life

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 01:13 am
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I've been bad. Again. I need to remember that this is a journal for myself and to not refrain from posting because no one else cares.

*I went and saw True Grit on Saturday with Dad. I had heard many good reviews about it and the cast had me interested. It was quite good. I don't recall the original and have never liked John Wayne movies. The theater was nicely crowded and aside from a couple who smelled like smoke, not too bad ;) I highly recommend it, even if you aren't a big western fan.

*I got a Nook as a Christmas prezzie to myself. I justified it by putting whatever Christmas money I was given into my bank account to put on my credit card. I had gotten to see The Nook and Kindle at All Staff Day and I really liked the design of the Nook. Had been kicking around the idea of getting an eBook reader for awhile. And when I found the Nook only 10 bucks more than the Kindle, I jumped at it. I just need to remember that I have regular books...everywhere. I am able to read a bit faster with the Nook, and more often so maybe I should make a New Year's Resolution to read more books than I have the past year? The last couple years I tried that, I just went downhill lol.
And I also found that I can search 0.00 to bring up free books :D

*I got a promotion at work. Or, in other words, my job changed to the next position up. So instead of a Library Page, I am an Aide. About time. I've been doing an Aide work for the past year now. I do get to go through the joys of training soon.

Those are the biggies. Tons of little things like buying a 4.22 pound Yam/Sweet potato to make fries out of. 4 meals :D Yuuum!

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Monday, October 18th, 2010 02:07 pm
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Every once and awhile at work, I attract a crazy guy who goes out of his way to talk to me, and then wants to meet outside of work. Hasn't happened in quite a while, but last week, one of the guys that I haven't seen in months decided to show up and insist on coffee somewhere. I did almost cheer when he said he was moving to another state next week. So I just have to avoid him for a few more days *dances*

But if he 'catches' me at work to ask again, I am tempted to lie and tell him I am a lesbian, but I would be afraid that he would still want to meet and I wouldn't have anything else to tell him to get him away from me. *sigh*

Unfortunately I can't hide in the back when he shows up because he could be there for an hour or so. Grrrr.

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Sunday, October 19th, 2008 06:03 pm
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Wow, it's been a busy last couple of days!

Thursday, I got a call at almost noon to let me know to be on standby for being able to start moving books into the new library. A couple hours later, it was confirmed, so I zipped on over. Tons of people showed up from the service center and some other libraries to help out.
I looked around inside for a few minutes, then got to work.
We got most of the stuff from the basement onto the shelves.

Friday, we got the rest of our books from the service center and started getting those in order.
I will say one thing about the new building...the carpet--oww! I think I will need to invest in some knee pads, thought it might not be too bad only a couple hours at a time. Feels like thin carpet laid over concrete.
I didn't get the Aide job (a step up from my current position), but I met the gal who got the job. I really like her :-)

Saturday was the Grand Opening. Things had been polished up and furniture uncovered.
It seemed like the entire town showed up! Had staff pictures early in the morning, then a couple of us were handing out pamphlets to the people as they filtered in. No one except the donors could be allowed in until the speaches (lots of them) and ribbon cutting. Had a huge group picture taken from a lift of everyone who showed. Curious to see how it turned out. Then everyone swarmed into the building.
Long 4 hours. Got to talk to a few of the regulars I saw, took a few pictures for people, got some hot chocolate, then hid out in the breakroom for a little break after a couple hours.

Now we are closed for a few weeks so the people outside can resume and we can get a few finishing touches taken care of. I'll try to get some pictures up. Hated to take too many while there were like 20+ workers in the one really likes their picture taken lol.

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Friday, October 3rd, 2008 12:22 am
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We went from this:

To this:

I only worked 4 hours, but I helped load up 7 of those big carts and move all of the plastic holders of magazines. Took me 3 hours at home until I could move my arms without them hurting.

We were supposed to start moving things into the new building, but something about needing a fire inspection and a system being installed is stalling us. Looks like it might not happen until Monday. Bleh.

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 12:09 am
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Well, this is the first day of the library closure. We had 3rd graders from a local school come over to form a chain and pass books from the temporary library to the new one. It still has a ways to go before it is completed, but we can still shelve books over there and pack up things at the temp spot.

Long day...not used to working 8 hours. Or getting up at 6:30 (shoot me please).

Anyway. A month or two ago, someone left a cane by one of the computers. It has yet to be claimed. Forgetful much?
I have no idea what we are going to do with it:

People leave the oddest things lying about lol.
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The front of the building looks almost complete. There are two sets of stairs being put in...can kinda see here:

Another view of the back of the building, which now looks finished. I would have cropped closer, but my picture editor isn't working--hope it works tomorrow...I use it a lot.

Other library news, due to budget cuts (nothing to do with new building as far as I can tell), Sunday hours for all libraries are being cut. So there goes an extra $200-250 that could really have come in handy about now.
Money aside, there are a few coworkers that I have gotten really close to in the 5 years I have worked Sundays, and I will probably hardly ever see them now (I worked Sundays at a different building). Maybe in a year or two, we will get them back....

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Thursday, September 25th, 2008 04:07 am
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Congrats to Clay Aiken :)

See that BIG space above our sign? There used to be a Graham Greene poster promoting reading there. Someone swipped it (none of the staff knows anything lol). Used to see the poster every day as I headed down the stairs to the library.

RIP, poster

*cough* Anyway...Less than a week until we start THE BIG MOVE to the new building! *freaks out*

New library

Friday, September 19th, 2008 03:17 am
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The back of the library is all finished looking!!

The front? Not so much:

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 04:54 am
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Also, got my application printed and ready to mail for the Library Aide position--the spot vacated by Coleen, who has gotten the Circ job.

I only had to change a few things around on the form, too, since it is the same exact form.

Now, 5am...time for bed.
I really need to stop playing this Pogo game. But there is this one gal on it that stays up very late and we always get to chatting. So hard to pull myself away.

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Friday, September 12th, 2008 04:22 am
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Well, it's been an 'eventful' day...ugh.

--Didn't get the job (Coleen did, which I am glad that one of us got it). So now I get to try for her position, which will open up.
--Since I will be working 20 hours once we are in the new building, I qualify for medical/dental/vision insurance and for retirement. I already had a headache, so an attempt to make sense of it just made it worse.
--Got a DVR hooked up from DISH. Hmm. Supposed to work on both TVs, but the guy never set up the remote for the second TV, so I have no idea how to access it. (He came while I was gone), so need to make a phone call at some point.
--I got the last parking place at the little restaurant I go for lunch, overlooking a very nasty car crash. Got to watch them tow the car and everything /sarcasm.

I think that is it *yawn*

So, here are some pics I took last week outside the car window:

Yes, it's blurry, but I think it is pretty. I was surprised that none of my pics really blurred, so I did this as a test:

I love this road. It really does curve around and there is a fairly steep drop off and a lovely view...I tried getting a pic of just around the curve, but a phonepoll for in my way.


Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 08:46 pm
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I hate interviews
*headdesk* X100

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Thursday, August 28th, 2008 02:25 am
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My boss acts like I am slow sometimes.
I was called in to fill in for a coworker who was in Seattle with a relative who was giving birth to twins. Boss reassured me that I would be getting paid for filling in for her position at the higher up pay rather than my own pay. Ummm okay? I have been filling in for close to a year, on and off...*shakes head*
Makes me think I don't have a chance in Hell of getting that new position. She is never really around much when I am working behind the desk.

But while I was working, I found this book:

Don't some books just scream gay fiction? I read one other in that series a year ago and it wasn't too bad.

Really tired....lost a couple hours sleep from having to show up to work early to fill in

Heading up to Seattle again Friday with Jeff *dances*

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Friday, August 22nd, 2008 02:36 am
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We now have a banner (well, two actually) stating how long we have until we get to move out of the freaking basement and start the shoft over to the new building. WOOT!
Thanks much to Julie for getting it all printed and fussing with the numbers.

I should have taken another to get a better picture of Jan's 'Get in the Swing' board, but Trish probably was already thinking I was crazy.

In other news, Jeff is heading to Seattle to visit some friends, and I am tagging along to visit with [ profile] michelleann68 for the weekend :D And next weekend too, since Jeff is making another trip ^__^
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Here is the side/back view of the new building. They have just started to work on bricking the back

Another view of just the back:

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