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Thursday, February 14th, 2013 11:47 pm
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Stupid fugly update page *glares*

Damn it!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 10:46 pm
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My internet keeps cutting out. It works long enough to load like one page, then it is dead for 5-10 minutes!

I have writing to do and a really good book...but I also have 2 days worth of flist to do....*sigh*
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70 bucks to renew my license tabs because I am forced into buying replacement plates. Fucking awesome...


Monday, May 17th, 2010 11:43 pm
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I am so done.

And no, it isn't because I am a diehard H/W fan. I don't really expect my ship to ever become canon. But, damnit, if you are going to force a ship on a fandom, make it fucking believable!
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Uugh, some minor, some major

1) Our refrigerator was on the fritz when I left for work. I got home and it had died and we lost half of frozen stuff and sent the rest to grandparents' for babysitting. Got it started, but it only works for a few hours at a time before we have to unplug it and 'let it rest'. Guy coming tomorrow to look at it and see what needs to be ordered--hoping it is not a whole new one.

2) Ki caught a mouse and let it lose in the house

3) Scraped my knee somehow. So it hurts to kneel on it (which I have to do a lot at work)

4) Burned my 3rd finger on bread machine yesterday, so it screwed up my typing. Not hurt too much now.

5) A cap on Dad's tooth came off and he had to go in yesterday. Had to have tooth pulled and was in a crappy mood. I snapped at him and he finally appologized today.

6) Mom's face is swelling up and her tooth is hurting? Sympaty pain? I hope? So another trip to dentist tomorrow if lucky.

7) Grandma just called at 9:20pm. Grandpa has an infected toe and needed to be ran into the emergency room, which closes at 10.

So. What the Hell else is going to go wrong? Money is hella tight right now and all these extra bills (in just the course of 4 days!!!!) may break us.


Saturday, March 15th, 2008 04:33 pm
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Ever have one of those days where you should have just stayed in bed? Well, I tried that (staying in bed) but Mom drug me out at noon.

Went into town with Dad today. Mom gave us some coupons to stop by at Safeway. After looking at them a minute, found out that you had to buy 3 of the items to get the sale price. So that canceled out a few things that we didn't need that much of. Then I noticed more fine print that said you had to get 10 dollars worth of groceries for the prices to work. So we bought a few more things. Then when we were at the register, things were rung up, then the coupons were scanned...the sale doesn't start until tomorrow *sigh* That should be strike 3. So the lady x'ed the things out. Total came up to 21 bucks. Dad forgot to scan through his club card, so we got 9 bucks back after that.

Then we went to Dominoes and stopped at the park to feed the seagulls. Found our fav. bird that we hadn't seen for like 3 months (yay!) which is hard when there are like 100+ there. So that all went normal. Then we went tothe gas station, pulled in and Dad went to pay. Turns out, the lady in front of us had had a hole in her gas tank, fixed it with a screw, filled up her tank, and it leaked everywhere, so we were asked to move to another pump.

Then we were about halfway home and trying to account for all of the money we had spent. Turns out, the person at Safeway hadn't given us back the change from fromthe 40 bucks Dad had handed her....He gave her 40 for the 21 bucks, then was only given back the 9 for the club card discount. He just got through calling CS and they need to balance the registers, but it looks like we should be getting that back.

On the way home, a horse trailer pulled out in front of us (Hello! Big red car here!), it rained a lot...yeah.

Very frustrating day. Bit paranoid about what else could go wrong ^.^

also, the auto complete for my tags doesn't work on this journal.
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I was driving around town, killing a little time before a movie, when Mom called me up on the cell. She started by saying she had some bad news, then said that Dad went out to the property (we clear land to sell) and went over to his cat (bulldozer thingy), and I coulda swore she was going to say he lost a leg or something.
But it turned out, some assholes set fire to it! WTF?

Rant time, fyi...

The cat needed some work done to it so it would run, and we were just days away from getting it moved back to the house. Now, who know's how much it will cost to get the electronics working. And, naturally, we didn't have insurance on it. The sheriff that 'investigated' things said it looked like it was doused in gasoline, and torched. It was probably worth about $14,000, even if it wasn't running.
We are so far into debt that Mom has several credit cards maxed out and we might have to sell our house and move again. We have one piece of property that we can sell, but it isn't worth as much unless Dad can clear off a homesite, which he needs the cat for.
So not a good start out to the new year :(

I was tempted to go home, but went to Kaijas, where they sell critters, cats, birds, fish plants, and stuffs. Only one lonely cat there that ignored me (I visit sometimes because the kittens are adorable), so I looked at the rodents, then went to the parrots. The birds are allowed to wander around on top of their cages. I was seeing if any were friendly, and one grabbed my finger and stepped onto my hand, then started to try to inch its way up my arm. So I amused myself with keeping it from doing that--switching it to different hands, etc. Finally had to shove it off back to the cage-top, and it looked like it wanted to jump at me, so I moved away and it started to screech, which set the others off *facepalm*

I bought a few bulbs for Mom, the flower nut, and escaped.

Got to the movie about a half hour early, but I brought my notebook in with me so I could get a bit of story-writing done.

Movie I saw was Cloverfield. I have heard people hating on it, but I loved it. I didn't find the film-style nauseating at all like some did, and it very much made you feel like you were there.
I have also heard complaints that there was no character development. Ummm....eh?? The movie takes place in about 7 hours, and most of that is spent trying to stay alive. When the hell is there time for character development?? When it ended, there was no sound at all during the credits and my ears were ringing. I needed to sit out in the car for several minutes to calm down enough to drive.
Ah, I love disaster flicks :D

So, that was my day. *sigh*

Now, to go see how many times Heath Ledger is mentioned in my LJ :'(
I dug out my old Roar tapes and watched an episode this morning with Dad. When I came home, he asked me if that was the same guy that killed himself because he saw it on the news. *facepalm* Told him who that was several times...

*Wanders off*

RIP Heath

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008 02:15 am
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And just last week I was wondering how I would cope if anything happened to one of my fav celebraties. While Heath wasn't at the top, he was pretty damn close.


I am running out of happy distraction between reading the sad posts on my flist.

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