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So awhile back, I got this cheap imitation of a FitBit...it only cost 12 bucks...so yeah, doesn't really work. It can count steps and kinda monitor sleep (it rounds to the nearest half hour and I could jump around and it still counts it as sleeping). BUT, since I started wearing it at night, I have remembered all my dreams! The one night I didn't wear it, I didn't remember a thing.

Odd, but that totally makes it worth the money for me :D

So I had an Avengers dream last night. Kinda. It was pre-Iron Man. Me and another girl were messengers in this underground stone cavern. Thousands of people lived down there and it was a really rough 'neighborhood'. Tony Stark was undercover (for lack of a better word) and he was rooming with this young curly haired man called Jarvis.

We delivered letters and government stuff a lot to them. One time we were found out and the package we were delivering was almost taken. Lots of running and hiding and taking oddly placed elevators. Sometime later, Jarvis had been killed. Tony's face when we made the next delivery was heartbreaking :(

I woke up shortly after that. In the dream, my character didn't think there was a relationship going on - too much almost dying to have time to analyze my clients, but when I woke up - wow.

I don't read Tony fic. I might have skimmed a summary a month ago or so about Jarvis being Tony's secret lover, but I want to ship this! Might have to ask on avengers_request if I can't shake this.

Battle Creek

Friday, May 29th, 2015 11:15 pm
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I had a steamy Milt/Russ dream the other night. Sadly, I don't have fandom dreams very often, let alone smutty ones lol. The last one I can remember was a Prison Break dream between two characters I never thought about slashing before, haha.

I'm going to really miss Battle Creek. It was my favorite new show :( It ended well, though, I think. I swear they had two different endings in mind depending on if they got picked up for another season.

So many cool and different shows get cancelled before they can find an audience. It is really depressing. My favorite show, Night Shift, barely made it to renewal. I felt like a nervous wreck as I waited for the news.

How did everyone else's shows do?


Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 09:17 pm
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The Following with Kevin Bacon plus reading up on Sherlock filming news before bed equals a dream where the Sherlock cast is dancing to Footloose.

WTF, brain?


Saturday, May 28th, 2011 03:38 am
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I had a strange dream a few nights ago. It started out with me being in some sort of a race. But then the road started getting steeper and steeper...like a road tilting to allow a boat to pass. So now the race turned into inching upward with this climbing rope, avoiding other people who were sliding down after losing their grips. THEN it turned into 'let go and die'.

I woke up from that dream barely able to walk because the muscles in my thighs hurt to move. I was sore the whole rest of the day o.o; I think I was getting a bit too into that dream. Uugh. Legs were mostly better the second day.

Had a staff meeting early Friday morning. Only managed less than 4 hours of sleep because I kept waking up every hour. Getting ready to go pass out in bed, which sounds soooo good!

Strange Dream

Monday, October 18th, 2010 02:00 pm
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I just had a dream that involved Glee and Adam Lambert. I don't remember much of it, but no one wanted him on the club because he was strange/different, even though he was an awesome singer.

Not sure who reached out to him (me, maybe? but I have no idea who I was in the dream), but everyone else had ticked him off/insulted him so he didn't want to be in Glee anymore.

Uugh, the memories of it faded so fast after I woke up :(

I do remember someone, maybe him? taught me how to put on guyliner (I think I was a guy in the dream).

So strange, but I want to go back!

(no subject)

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 01:49 pm
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I had a dream it was Friday. I was so disappointed when I woke up :(

Though I also dreamed that the new plants on my windowsill weren't happy and tried to crawl away....so yeah.


Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 11:14 am
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I had a SPN dream :D

I rarely have dreams about TV shows, or anything that I am in to.

Anyway, I remember seeing a preview for an upcoming episode, which involved fairy tale creatures going crazy, like in the movie The Brothers Grimm. But then I was watching it, then I was a part of it.

Dean and I were investigating a fancy hotel. I guess I was Sam. We split up and I think we each checked into a separate room to split up and try to lure whatever it was out. By this point, it has nothing to do with the preview I had seen. I end up attacking something that was a cross between a puppet and an animated character. A plump lady had heard the noise of the struggle...guess she was a cleaning lady? and she was so shocked to see a drawn character laying knocked out on the floor.

I was cold so I put on his jacket, which was freaking warm for being made out of nothing lol, and tried to get Dean's attention from the balcony of the room. But the bastard was oblivious.

Then I woke up.


My day today

Friday, May 30th, 2008 12:10 am
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I am feeling chatty, so here we go.

Went to bed at about 5am. I really need to stop that. Since Mom was off doing something and Dad just didn't care, I didn't wake up until 12:30 and stayed in bed until 1.

I did have a very interesting dream. Dream here )

Moving on, I watched an hour of TV while eating breakfast and doing my online stuffs, then at 2 I ran to get dressed, ate a small lunch, and was out the door by 2:30 (work at 3). I briefly thought about bringing my camera, because I have been meaning to get some shots of the new library building going up.

When I got to work, 10 minutes to spare and ready to settle in to read until my shift, Jan J. popped in the break room and said Corine (boss) was giving tours of the new library. So I dropped everything and hurried on over, meeting two other coworkers heading back (we can't all leave the building at the same time, hehe). I chatted with Corine while we waited for 2 more peeps to show up.
There were construction workers everywhere. I was surprised at how many windows we have in that building, and they are huge windows. It feels way bigger on the inside than it looks on outside. Low ceiling over the circulation desk so we can hear people better, and high ceiling everywhere else. Large print will be by a window (yeah, for extra sunlight) and we will have a digital fireplace to one side. Got to see position of the drivethrough window. Corine proudly announced where the coffee pot will be set up at. We got a nice description of our staff lounge, and I just had to comment that I will probably be showing up to work an hour early so I could hang out there because it sounds so damn neat.

Damn I wish I had brought my camera!!!! UUgh!

Nothing else exiting happened and the day ended 8 minutes ago.

Oh, one more thing...our refridgerator is making a eeping/pulsing sound every 3.5 minutes (the type I would associate as a softer version of shutdown/warning red-light flashing alarm). Any ideas? Our owner's manual doesn't have any mention. It is driving us crazy!

Dream Time

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 02:34 am
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I actually had a dream that was fandom related. Unfortunately, it happened like 15 hours ago, so I don't remember much of it *sigh*

But the biggie part was that something happened to Wilson. I think he was in a hospital bed, with House standing back and near the foot of the bed. Dunno who I was...maybe a doctor? Anyway, we were watching to find out of Wilson was 'brain dead' from whatever had happened to him...(there was some race through the library that I work at on Sundays in the 'previous scene' to this, but no House cast there). Wilson had just woken up and had said "Hi" which was no form of conformation, appariently.

Then Mom woke me up (which was probably the only reason why I remembered it at all). I was still able to doze enough to be put back into that dream spot, so back to the waiting game--all us staring at Wilson. Then Mom kept telling me to get out of bed--grrrr!--and I could not concentrate enough to focus and finish it up myself :-/

And, at about 8am (Mom woke me at 11), a poster started to fall off my wall (I have several movie posters up). It tell about half way and freaked me and Ki (I could feel her tense up). Then about 10 minutes later--after I was mostly asleep--it fell all the way. I felt the cat leap off my bed and flee.

Now my eyes hurt and my vision keeps blurring...yet I need to finish flist and I am determined to finish the last 18 pages of a book I have been trying to get through.

And my autocomplete for tags decides it doesn't want to work for me. Ever.


Saturday, May 12th, 2007 10:10 pm
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I used to have dreams all the time, but they had stopped for several months. Now, it looks like they are back. Had some very vivid ones these past two night. And they actually involve fandom!! *shock*

Okay, the first dream, 2 nights ago:
The details have faded a lot, but I do remember that it was 24 related. Milo had been killed, but not like in show. Jack demanded 'we' revive him. Dunno who this other person was. And I think this was spurred on by what [livejournal.com profile] michelleann68 told be about a cut scene with mouth to mouth in the Spiderman movie. Anyways, this other person did the CPR thingy (no mouth to mouth that I remember) while I watched really really close. Then it was kinda a dramatic watching the eyelashes flutter open. Now, I am positive that it wasn't Milo's eyes that I was looking at. They were pretty and blue and mmmm. And that is all I remember. There was more at the start with Jack being all snarly about getting Milo back among the living.

And second dream:
The details are rapidly fading on this one, pissed about that. I know it started out at the library. I was in trouble and following someone who was pretty much ignoring me. There were two doors, side by side. We went through one (I remember coming back and looking at the other door, and it lead to the same place as the first), and it lead outside. Kinda hazy, like a fantasy place. Almost think we went through a book, though there is no mention of that later. We zigzag around, going past these different places. Like lightpost, mechanic shop, wooded area, etc.
We reach some sort of destination, some store with a counter. Wish I could remember why I was following this guy. I think at the start we were together, then he started walking faster and faster so I had a hard time keeping up. Anyway, when he turned, he morphed into House. And he was pissed at me. Yelling and stuff. So...I think I was Wilson o.O Then I got mad and said something that...damn, I can't remember words, only mind pictures. But it was really bizzare...like I would forgive him if he gave me a hostess cupcake *blinks*
So I turned, in an eyewatering huff and hurryed off at a frantic place, going past all these places we had went by. NO idea how I managed to find my way back. Normally I would be hopelessly lost. Back out of the doors and I was...in my driveway? Or at least some place by my car.
A bit later, I was inside, sitting on this odd flowery patterened sofa and House walked in with this sad looking hostess cupcake (the frosting was a ways away from the edges and it looked really pathetic). But I forgave him, just like that. And that was the end 'scene.'
And I think that last dream can be blamed on Michelle as well...all the wandering around Seattle we did last weekend, and with the discussions about Wilson always forgiving House ^.^

(no subject)

Thursday, June 8th, 2006 11:57 pm
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How does this update thingy work again? *poke poke*

I'm a horrible updater! Now that my flist consists of less than 100 entries (a blessing and a curse--fewer fics to read), I actually have time for *gasp* other stuffs! Like updating! Not that I have too much of that to do, but whatever :)

Let's see where this update takes me...

A couple nights ago, I ended up staying on the computer until 5am. Let's just say I got a bit carried away with research (one of you out there knows what I mean) and...yeah. So I ran around (quietly) to get ready for bed before one of the parents noticed I was up. It was light outside and the birds were chirping. Unlike several of your out there (:P), it doesn't bother me in the least. I like the sounds of birdies :D
But a combonation of the frantic jump-into-bed-fall-asleep, the fact that 6/6/6 was over with, and the TB Magician's Nephew (Read by Kenneth Branagh--very wonderful) that I had been listening to gave me a terrible nightmare. Don't remember much about it except things were randomly exploding/becoming non-existant. Very freaky. And the nothing was pure black.
I had heard somewhere...isn't it true that when you are dreaming, you can't think 'this is so wierd, it must be a dream'? Well, during the dream, I had that thought, then completely freaked out because that, by what I remember being told, that meant the dream was real. I woke up a couple hours after I fell asleep with a bad case of the frights and shivers. Fuuunn *grumble*
Woke up again an hour later--around 8--and stretched. Big mistake. I had tried to get into the habit of no-big-stretches in the mornings. Why? Fucking leg cramp! 2 days later, my leg still feels like it had been punched hard.

*Throws balloons in celebration of the completion of the fluff list*
1000+ fluffs at last!

Ah, it is the time of year for graduation again (grats to all the grads out there!)
So, tomorrow (aka friday) I am heading over to my HS to practice playing the band songs. I was planning on going to graduation on Saturday, and figure I might as well make myself useful and play along. I have played all the songs before (need to refresh my memory and learn which parts I need to pretend to play, hehe). I need to be at the school at 1:30 tomorrow (damn, I hope I have the right time). I took an hour vacation from work to do it, too. (I have 58 vacation hours, and it maxes at 60. Might as well use them).
I am getting all nervous thinking about it :( I love playing in band, but I hate socializing with people, or people doing the 'who are you?' thing. Last year was the first year I hadn't been to graduation since 7th grade--10 years ago o.0 Scary how time flys! I've been playing flute for over 10 years!

Damn, my thoughts are all over the place, hehe. I start with one topic, and cram like 3 in one paragraph.

Back to graduation. The last friend I have in school is graduating. She is giving a farewell speech. I wish I got to talk to her more. She has no internet at home, only though the school, and then we only talk to schedule time for band practice/games. She swung by the library one to drop off some music with me, and we talked for like a half hour, despite the fact I was supposed to be working. And we were in a spot where everyone could hear us, too *cringes* I like private conversations. So, not able to talk of slash at all. I printed off a few pieces to give her tomorrow.
Uh, back to original thought of that paragraph...since she is graduating, the last person in band that I talk to is Amy, and she will be in 8th grade I think (shit I feel old). Anyways, this last year, she has turned into one of those little fashion nuts. Into style, clothing, makeup. *gag* So I don't think I will be talking to her much. So, next year if I go to games, I will be pretty much sitting by myself. There are a few people who I joked with, but I think most are graduating as well.
Guess I could go for a few games, if only to have people ask me what grade I am in. Yeah, most don't believe me that I have graduated.

Fandom related--hmmmm, maybe I should put this first, so people will actually read it...oh well lol, bolding will have to do.
I completed one of the 2 birthday fics I have been trying to work on. 2 people on my flist have the same BD as me (25th), so I wanted to write up a little something for them. Quite pleased with the first result--Wilson strips for House. So expect that and (hopefully) the other if it behaves itself to appear around the 25th of this month.

I soooo need a new computer. Got the go-ahead from Mom to get a new one (I bitch so much about this one that she finally got the hint). I think I will wait until the end of this month. One thing that troubles me, is my printer. I think I lost the install disk that came with it, so I don't know if I will be able to get it to work for the new one?

I mentioned somewhere ^up^ ^there^ that I was listening to The Magician's Nephew on talking book. I got a set from the library that has all the Narnia books. Each book is read by a different person. Kenneth Branagh is awesome. I wish he did more talking books, really a joy to listen to.
*wonders why she is babbling for 45 minutes when can be listening to talking book*

I guess I will wrap this up with a bye, bye :)

(no subject)

Sunday, June 4th, 2006 12:11 pm
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I have been soooo bad about updating lately!

Big thanks and huggles to [livejournal.com profile] allybally123. Got the movies back, and I don't think those Kisses will last long around here! They already seem to have vanished. I need to go hunt them back down!

I've been sick since Tuesday. Started out with a sore throat, which faded to a plugged up nose. Everyone over here is sick. I've been able to stay up later than normal because Mom's ears are plugged and she can't hear me when I finally get my butt to bed, hehe :D So it does have it's advantages.

I had a dream last night. I was partway through breakfast when I remembered it.
The Whose Line cast were kissing each other. First someone, I think it was Brad, kissed Drew. My response in the dream "What a waste of a kiss!" Then he went over and kissed Greg. Tongues were involved...then I woke up *grumbles*

It feels like, lately, I have been spending most of my online time reading the H/W fics and my flist (even if I don't reply, I am reading!) and things have finally started to slow down--the fanfiction part at least.

Work has been slow for the last couple of weeks (until this Friday), and I started busying myself with repairing TB and CD cases--AKA putting the items in new ones. The CD cases are a pain in the ass. I need to scrape off the label on the spine-carefully so I can reuse it-pry off the back to get to the paper there (the one that has the track listings) and put it in the new one. Snap the back back on, reattach the label, put a new Timberland Library sticker on it and the name of our library...They are great little time wasters at least.

I've been writing quite a bit, but, naturally, not finishing anything. I think I have a few drabbles lurking about.
I signed up for some fic exchange, and I am worried that I won't be able to come up with an idea for the challenge I am given.
I've been tossing my drabbles up on fanfiction.net and am surprised that some of the reviews have more than 5 words in them.

There hasn't really been much more than that going on here... Ki is lounging on me now, so typing is difficult lol.

(no subject)

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006 03:19 pm
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Damn, still rich text mode.

Got a bunch of stuff to babble about :-)

Sorry about no new clips of RSL reading 'Applewhites.' YSI is being a pain and I can't get anything uploaded.
Also I need to type up a review of the House finale..

On my last Sunday until the fall (couple weeks ago), I was poking though a book. I have a habit of randomly grabbing books off shelves--quite often I end up grabbing something that is damaged or has papers stuffed in them. Anyways, the book I grabbed was called 'That Book of Perfectly Useless Information' I was flipping though the beginning of it where there were tons of quotes from celebrities about various subjects. I Got to page 6, skimming along quote about fathers when this caught my eye:
Hugh Laurie:
"I looked up to my father too much to really open up my heart to him. We were almost formal. I did not tell him I loved him. All I can do is hope he would have known."
No idea if that has been put up anywhere, but I love the quote! And, it is probably the only time Hugh is mentioned in the book, and I turn practically right to it! (No celeb. index in the back to check)

Last week I went though a phase of going to bed at about 5 am. So wierd to go to bed as it was getting light and the birds were chirping!! If I could get up whenever I wanted to, I would love to be able to go to bed at that time every night!
But, I got in trouble 2 days ago and now have a 2am curfew *grumbles*

I had an odd RSL dream several nights ago.
I was doing something on a computer for a TV station. I think I was supposed to be feeding actors interview lines or something. RSL was the actor and I somehow managed to screw up, so the interview ended early. My thought: "The fan are going to kill me!!!" *panic*
I think RSL felt sorry for me because he gave me a little hug, hehe. Not much, but I will take what I can get!!

Been raining the last few days, so I don't have to water any of Mom's damn plants! *happy dance* 
She had been saying that she was going to cut down on plants when we were moving...now she has more than ever!
And my plum tree has one plum on it this year. It looks so lonely lol

Gotta leave for work in a half hour or so. 20 minutes earlier than I need to leave, but I like to get there early so I can read or write in the staff room. I can always read and write here, but it is fun to write in a different setting...and to try to keep the smut hidden as coworkers wander by!

Coulda swore I had more to say....
...oh well...I can always make another post :-)

(no subject)

Saturday, May 13th, 2006 06:45 pm
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I actually had a small MASH dream this morning.
I believe I was sitting at the computer, reading fanfic. The story I was reading was really good, and I was able to picture what was going on real easy. The very last line was Hawkeye speaking to Frank: "If you are good, next time you can be on top."
I woke up after that and was wondering why I was in bed since I had been at the computer in my dream.
Why can I never dream about the fandoms I am nuts about? I have had several MASH dreams, a Prison Break one, some screwy lost crossover, and something that started out being House, but not for long.
I have dreams all the time, but very few are fandom related.

In other MASH news, Alan Alda will be on Conan (NBC) Monday night 5/15.

(no subject)

Saturday, April 1st, 2006 08:59 pm
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Ick...been meaning to babble a bit here for awhile, but I haven't really felt like anything other than the fan squees and such. I had just noticed that 8 of my past 10 posts have been TB sound clips lol
So, this will be very randoM.

Saw V for Vendetta last Sunday, so the alone trip to the theater was a success. Not many people there. I chatted for a second with the 'food people' to see what they thought. They said they liked it and that the only people who hadn't were ones that had a hard time following the story line.
I couldn't resist the popcorn, so I bought a small sized and took a seat off to the right set of seats. Considering how few people there were, I should have sat in the middle, but, well...I ALWAYS sit to the right.
Moving right along, ha ha, I loved the movie! Much less violence than I thought there would be, and not as dark. V in an apron had me giggling for a bit. Stephen Fry was awesome while he lasted, and that show he did had me in stitches! Too few people in the theater to tell if anyone else was as amused as I was, unfortunately. Gave me flashes back to "A Bit of Fry and Laurie"
Still was a wise choice to 'go solo' to it, since I doubt that either parent would approve. I might have to rent it when it comes out to give them the hour version of it.
I'm not one of the people who should drive after watching a movie at the theater. I think I get into it a little bit and feel real detached. I hardly remember the drive home and am really surprised I made it back lol

I've had a few odd dreams in the past week. In one, I was looking in the bathroom mirror and I seemed to have grown a partial beard a la House. I was trying to decide if it was real noticible. Felt wierd touching it--in a very real way. Another dream--I dreamed that Hugh was performing on a duet version of American Idol. I thought he sounded so so, but Simon loved it. Said something about that numerous contestants have performed it over the years, but 'this was the first realistic version we have had yet' So, yeah lol.

A sentence in my Entertainment Weekly mag in the What to watch section:
Wilson's still living with House, because oncologists can't afford hotels.

I'm hoping this means that they will still be living together by the end of the episode :D :D :D :D

Today at Wallyworld, I bought Switchfoot, the early years 1997-2000 3 CD set! Has 3 of their first albums, 32 songs :D Was only 14 bucks yay!

Wednesday at the library was Hell. There was so much shelving to do! I did 2 and a half hours worth of shelving from my cart in an hour, then spent my next hour shelving downstairs. Corine, by boss, was over shelving audio books, and I shelved all the new books while she was over there. She was a bit surprised when she came back, hehe. I think she was tempted to tell me to shelve accurately as well as fast, but she didn't. I think after over 2 years she has learned not to bug me when I am in 'speedy mode.' About ready to collapse when I got home, then had to listen to Mom grouch at me that 2 hours of working is nothing compared to what she use to do. *sigh*

Hmm...staring blankly at the screen should be a clue that I have run out of things to babble about.

(no subject)

Saturday, March 25th, 2006 02:15 am
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Don't you just hate it when there is an old lady nearby who just stands there and frowns like she is mad at the world? *shiver* There was one at work today...her daughter and I guess granddaughter were in looking at books. I gave her a wide space as I was walking past...except for the time when he hovered in front of the door. I mumbled an 'excuse me' as I got close. Lady: *glare, then stepped to the side*
So busy at work these past few days! People everywhere. Despite all that, I haven't been asked as many questions as I normally am. It is annoying to hear the patrons whisper about needing help and wanting to go down stairs to as the question. Makes me wonder if I am invisible *le sigh*
I also dislike parents who let their kids leave stuff all over the floor. Had to kick several books from my path as I carried a heavy box past. I think I kicked them a little too hard to the side of the room, but the lady did appologize.
Tuesday, someone donated 4 huge boxes of books! Most were fantasy and general fiction. I loaded them up into plastic courier boxes so I could lift them and had to make 7 trips upstairs, then another when someone else donated another box's worth. Took me an hour to sort them in the for-sale-room, and a half an hour before that to get them into the boxes because my boss was making sure I put them in the right boxes. and I started 15 minutes early. Out of all those books, I only bought 4--2 bucks worth. I might have bought more if I wasn't so sick of looking at them. Normally I look over the backs--but it would have taken too long to do that with a couple hundred books!
Today, some guy came in and bought 20 bucks worth of the fantasy books! (40 books total)

Didn't get much sleep yesterday. I went to bed at 4:30 because I wasn't paying attention to the time. When it gets that late, I tend to move really slow and stare off into space a lot :-/ I was woken up at 8 by the dog gagging. Turns out that she was trying to eat out of the litterbox! -.- I yelled and threw a pillow at her. Shoulda gotten out of bed and kicked her ass, then shut her out of my room, but I didn't want to get up. I don't remember falling back asleep, but I must of, because I had a v. interesting dream:

It was an OC dream :D
I remember hearing reviews of the newest House being the slashiest, etc. Well, turns out that this OC episode (in my dream) was supposed to be the slashiest ever. Details don't make sense, but there was water and waves (I blame Michelle for some of that) and slashing and laughing with Seth/Ryan. I was so happy because Ryan had such a huge smile on his face! I think there was also some hugging and invasion of personal space.
Another small dream that wasn't too interesting....just some of me driving around downtown and it was deserted except for this creepy guy. I think that was due to the fact that I was scoping out the theater parking last night.
An extra hour of sleep would have been good, but I don't think I would mind being woken up early if I can go back to sleep and have some nice dreams :D Seems like the only ones I can remember happen when I wake and fall back asleep..the second dream happened when Mom woke me up and told me to get out of bed, but I fell back asleep. Scared the crap out of me when she came back into my room yelling at me "Why haven't you gotten out of bed yet???"

What else to tell, what else to tell...

For the first time since House took the latest 2 weeks off, it seems like the newest episode is just around the corner!!

I'm growing out my fingernails and not chewing them off. I need to pick up some fingernail polish. Been ages since I have wanted to paint my nails. I am thinking bright red...any other ideas? (anything but pink!!)

Was talking with Lew at work and he was saying how the power went out a few weeks ago at around 11 in the morning just as he was plugging in his coffee pot for his first cup of coffee for the day. He put on his robe and padded next door in his slippers to the little diner to bum a cup of coffee because theirs would still be warm. he is so hilarious!! He said his robe was all ratty and his slippers are almost 20 years old. The diner people were so amused that they refused to let him pay for it
Lew, to paint a picture: grey hair, tall and fairly slim. 50/60-ish years old. Wears an old jean jacket that he has been meaning to replace for several years now--He always hangs it on a hook over the door, when he is working. He is a subsitute, so I don't see him too often. Met him when I started doing Sundays and he has been filling in a lot at my library because Trish hurt her back. He takes whatever hours he can get. Seems like the type who never has enough money, though he is enjoying himself lately--quite a few people are sick and he was able to rack in 40 hours in 2 weeks subbing for people! He does book reviews for the Olympian newspaper and on Sundays he nabs the paper from me before I can pull the ads from it. He doesn't get paid for them, but almost always has a review published.

Okay, enough rambling...blame the person who said I don't talk enough about real life here :P

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