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Slowly, I am getting things posted lol.

Here's Saturday:

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I am having a hard time updating about Con-con. Mainly I think it is because no amount of babbling could make it seem as awesome as it was.

So I guess I will post up a few highlights (I got wordy...so this isn't the Cliffnotes version of the highlights lol):

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 08:36 pm
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I haven't even had a chance to check my flist in 3 days, and definitely no chance to make a coherent post of my weekend. Yet.
So much happened and it was awesome :D I really hope there will be one next year!
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uugh I am sooo behind on everything!

This post is mainly for the friends I met at Con-con.

I recorded some of the Cocktail party, when everyone was dancing (names are just who I noticed and was focusing on):

Gentry and Marc:

Gentry, Heather, and Kimberly:

Mason failing at electric slide:

Mason was starting to get the electric slide. Also see Aldis, Heather, Gentry, and Marc

Mason failing at YMCA. Marc, Gentry, Gus Gus, and Heather also there.

The Macarena...somehow everyone got off beat. Marc, Heather, Kimberly, Gus Gus, and, of course, Mason (if you hear giggling, it is me!)


Monday, March 22nd, 2010 08:55 pm
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Created by OnePlusYou
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I picked up Michelle and Amy S. at the train station and we did a quick pit stop at Wally World for band aids (since they got blisters from wandering all around Seattle Wednesday) and some other stuff (they insisted I get another shirt to wear for the banquet Saturday night).
Then, after a quick stop at Starbucks, we were off to Portland :D

The ride wasn't too bad. The sun was out and we had a good time talking about TV shows. I hadn't met Amy before aside from some e-mails as we were getting this all together, so it was fun to be able to compare what we watch and talk about reality shows.

We get our rooms pretty fast, and already see people that were gathering together from the convention event. We settled in, then watched NCIS LA. Right when we had 2 minutes left to go there was a fire alarm that INSISTED we all vacate, so we grabbed our important stuff and headed out. The staff told us it was a false alarm when we got to the doors but, since we were going to Michelle's relatives for dinner and it was about time to go...we just decided to zip.

Dinner was fun and it was good to get to see everyone again.

Back to the hotel.

We wanted to get familiar with where things were, so we wandered around some. We stumbled across the room where Marc was (the guy who was putting this con event together), and all chatted to him for a while as he still had some volunteers setting things up in bags. We also found out what time registration was on Friday, since it was definitely not happening that night. 10 am.

Then we watched America's Best Dance Crew and called it a night.

We went to Jake's (downstairs at the hotel) for breakfast, then went to the lobby to get ready for registration. We were handed numbers as we arrived then, around 10am, we were 'showed' how to line up and did this weird snake around thing, so we were three rows deep. Had a nice time chatting to a few people and yearning to make it to the next potted plant, a sign of our progress. It took us about 2 hours to get to the front and to get through the shorter photo purchase line. Somehow I didn't end up with a badge for my lanyard, so I got one 'temp' made up on the spot....but since they never found the missing one, I guess it is my permanent one? lol

And as we were leaving, there were still 3 'rows' of people in line. Wow.

We had just enough time to check out the merchandise (got a shirt, a mug, a pen, 2 coasters, and themed bracelets for all the cast members, then we went to the opening ceremonies, which there were very few people. Marc talked to us for awhile and answered some questions. There was supposed to be another speaker, but she was still in line, I believe.

We went out across the street to get some food from vendor stalls for lunch. I got a grilled cheese with like 5 tomatoes, several types of cheese, parsley, and pepper (wtf??).

Not interested in seeing the trivia contest, we took our time until the next event, on fanvids.

Wow...I understand that this was a presentation put on by a fan, but that was so unprofessional. I would love to learn how to do some stuff, but that wasn't informative at all for me. She dropped a few f-bombs and when asked about how she got her programs, she pretty much admitted that she got them illegally and 'the hardest thing to get is the registration numbers'. And then we watched like 6 of her videos, some of which were pretty bad.

After that, there was The Art of the Soundtrack with Joseph LoDuca. Not too entertaining of a subject for me, but it was really fun to listen to the guy talk.

And now we are waiting for the Cocktail Party that starts at 8, which is what really kicks things off, since the cast and big stuff all happens on Saturday and Sunday.

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010 01:09 am
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Leaving for the Leverage Convention Thursday
*Squees until passes out*

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