American Idol

Sunday, January 19th, 2014 12:19 am
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I finally love this show again!

I think it learned a lesson from The Voice (and the shit storm of last season) that having lovable judges is one of the keys to success.

American Idol top 4

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 04:14 am
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1. Lee - LOL Jamie Foxx making Lee nervous. Am I the only one who thinks it sounded like crap? Not the powerful voice that I am used to hearing from him. He cuts off words, and I thought I heard his voice crack.

2. Mike – Started a little weak, but got better fast. Not bad. But not any better (or worse) than the original.

3. Crystal & Lee Duet – F’IN LOVED IT!

4. Casey - I want to pet his hair. I kinda like the country swing on it. But the original I heart to death, so hard to look past that for me. Grew on me a little, though. The Mrs. Robinson conversation FTW!

5. Crystal – Great as always! Not her best, but it is always hard to top yourself!

6. Mike & Casey – I love their voices together! Apart, just meh. Shoulda closed the night on the first duet, though.

American Idol top 5

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 09:49 pm
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Aaron- I guess it sounded good? I am soooo not a Sinatra fan.

Casey – Sound like he is straining his voice a lot to hit some of those notes...owww

Crystal – Pretty. Not wowed

Mike – Damn, he sounded good. I don’t want Casey to go home :( But I freaking hate this kind of music :(

Lee – Best of the night! And the only one I wouldn’t change the radio station on.

American Idol top 6

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 12:06 am
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Lee – I really loved the arrangement. His voice was a little rough in spots for me, but I could hear this on a pop station.

Mike – Barely recognize the song. Love his voice, even when they are slower songs like this. Kinda tuned out a little, but pleasant background music :)

Casey – Me like :D YAY

Crystal – Not bad, but not as unique as we normally get from her.

Aaron – He has really improved these last few weeks :D Great song for him!

Siobhan – Her voice seemed to get weaker as she walked around. Ending was great. But the rest seemed a little off.

Idol gives back

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 08:54 pm
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I cheated and looked up who went home.

2 hours of filler...ugh! Bad jokes, omg! At George Lopez and he is....kinda funny. Not looking forward to sitting through the rest of it *sigh*

American Idol top 7

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 01:13 am
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Casey - Didn't wow me, but I found it pleasant enough to listen to. Loved seeing him having some fun out there. Wow Randy, thanks for taking the words out of my mouth lol.

Lee - This is one of my absolute favorite Simon and Garfunkel songs. So I hate the arrangement soooo much. But he is doing really good with it and I can tell I would have loved it if not familiar with the original.

Tim - His voice sounds a little strained at some of the bigger notes, but I think this is a good song and style for him.

Aaron - Vocals were just a little weak, but his performing sure has improved. Definitely looks and acts like a pro up there :D

Okay, Simon and Ryan were adorable there :D

Siobhan - I didn't like at the start how you could hear her breaths in the mic. But very pretty :D

Michael - Not bad :) Not as powerful as the original and lacking a little of the drive. Simon totally missed the point lolz.

Crystal - Definitely the best of the night. I can see her winning this.
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Crystal – Not my type of music, but I still enjoyed it. (Still sending hate waves to the backup singers)

Andrew – Dude, WTF? Of all the songs to choose, why THIS one? Make it stop! Don’t change a decent song and make it slower. Fast and jazzy might have worked better.

Tim - *Squee* I love the way he’s changed the song. So pretty :D One of the few that I wanted to listen to again :D

Lee – Perfect song for his voice!

Aaron – I think the start sounded a little better when he was singing it to Adam. But it is a very different performance than he normally gives us. Didn’t like the final note, though.

Siobhan – Yay for upping the tempo :D Sounds really good! Heee!

Michael - *shivers* Very pretty :D

Katie – Not as crappy as I was thinking she would do. Nice and different from her usual forgettable songs :) (Oh, Ellen LMAO!)

Casey – Love his hair pulled back like that lol. Pleasant to listen to. Not excellent or crappy. Kinda like what Simon said lol.

All in all, aside from Andrew, it was an awesome ep :D
(And Ryan talking about Adam's talented tongue was win!)

American Idol top 9

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 03:16 am
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Aaron - Good song for his voice. Performance didn't grab me, but I think he did a decent job.

Katie - Pretty. Love the clear quality of her voice. Love how she didn't slow down the tempo and make it boring.

Andrew - Not fond of the arrangement. I think we will see more personality on him if he drops the guitar.

Big Mike - See, I have this theory...people who pick songs that they loved and sang when they were little, they learned how to sing it before they could sing well, and kept some of the bad habits. The chorus is nice sounding, but the other stuff, which is my fav, sucks. *agrees with Simon*

Crystal - YAY :D

Tim – He’s adorable. I think it was one of his better performances. Keeping in mind his others haven’t been all that great lol.

Casey – I could so hear that on the radio. Didn’t wow me, but I really enjoyed it :)

Siobhan – Very pretty! Had a hard time hearing...had to crank up the volume and actually concentrate on the words.

Lee – I was dreading that someone would pick this song. Hard to make it exciting. I was right. Damn. The rough voice doesn’t work well for this. LOL Bagpipe player.

It’s over already?

American Idol top 10

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 01:29 am
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Siobhan - :D Pretty song! I do really wish they would get rid of the backup singers. It just drags everything down.

Casey - Good to see him having fun! Bit repetitive, but sounded great to me!

Michael – Opening gave me chills. Rest of it gave me chills, too. Niice :D

Didi – Huge fan of the original. This did nothing for me :(

Tim – Sounded like he was holding back at the start. I liked the preview better. He is adorable though LOL!

Andrew – A few little problems, but I can really hear this on the radio. Pleasant enough to listen to again :) LMAO@Mama Garcia

Katie – Sounded okay. Something on LJ was distracting me, but nothing stood out as bad.

Lee - :D Good AND exciting! Love to see personality in the songs

Crystal – I love how all of her songs sound personal. Like she is just performing for herself and the rest of us get to listen in. None of this trying to impress us. She looks really small without the guitar/piano in front of her lol.

Aaron – Was lacking something. Had no drive to it.

American Idol top 11

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 12:02 am
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Lee Dewyze - I don't like how he is making it sound like an old song (okay, I know that it IS, but making it sound current would be a good thing). He sounds great, but ewww.

Paige Miles - ...Her voice sounds weak. Picked up some. I need to listen to the original a few dozen times to wipe this out of my mind :-/

Tim Urban - Was hoping he would grab the mike and have a little fun with the song. I feel he is right at the edge of his comfort zone with that song. Sounded really good, but he needs to push things a little more.

Aaron Kelly - Yay! Finally something GOOD :D

Crystal Bowersox - Has she ever sounded bad? Me like :D

Michael Lynch - Wow, several good songs in a row!

Andrew Garcia – Better than I thought it would be when I heard what he would be singing...but it got real boring fast—I think the backup singers take away from his (and other’s) performances. Uugggh, repetitive!

Katie Stevens – Love the start. She’s doing good :)

Casey James – Niice! Should have ditched the didn’t add to his performance at all.

Didi Benami – I hardly recognize her o.o Sounds fine to me.

Siobhan Magnus – She doesn’t have a big enough voice for this song.

Idol results

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 11:19 pm
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Wow, I predicted this a few weeks ago.

minor spoiler )
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Tim Urban - So glad that his singing has improved since the first two disasters. I can really hear him doing this sort of song on the radio. Pretty voice. But the song seemed too safe--didn't really show it off.

Siobhan Magnus - Holy shit at that one note. Oww!

Lee Dewyze - I really enjoyed that. Sounded effortless.

Paige Miles - Wow....I actually liked her for once.

Aaron Kelly - Wait...his mom's name is Kelly Kelly? Awesome! Best of the night!

Crystal Bowersox - Didn't like arrangement, but she sang it great :D
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Michael Lynch - The background music sounds weird. I love his high notes. And he is singing this good, but I am getting bored with it.
Did Simon just invite Ryan back to his trailer? *cackles*

Didi Benami - *squee* Really enjoyed that. A few little weak spots on the song, but I loved it.

Casey James - Would have liked to see him without the guitar. This would have been a fun song to see him play to the audience rather than the guitar. Don't think it was affecting his voice much, but still. Just okay.

Lacy Brown - It got better when the tempo picked up. Liked the 'Still going to miss you' part. Rest a bit repetitive.

Andrew Garcia - I kinda zoned out through that. Good background music...

Katie Stevens - Pretty. But not feeling it. Sounds great if I am not looking at her.

Stopping here to watch Biggest Loser with Mom. TBC in a few hours

American Idol - Guys

Thursday, March 11th, 2010 12:50 am
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Lee Dewyze - Hate the arrangement because I hear this song all the time on the radio and love it to death. He's singing it okay. Wonder what my opinion would be if I wasn't familiar with the song?

Alex Lambert - Voice not right for the song. Boring and a bit repetitive.

Tim Urban - He doesn't seem nervous at all. Started a little blah, but it is growing on me. Not as emotional sounding as some versions that I have heard, but not bad. LOL Ellen

Andrew Garcia - I like the tone of his voice for this song, but very odd choice. S'okay.

Casey James - Not as good as the original. Not horrible.

Aaron Kelly - Improved once he stood up. Was sounding really reserved at the start. Needs to just let go, like he is doing now :) Very nice. Was like two different people singing, comparing the start to the finish.

Todrick Hall - The beginning was pretty...but when he started singing with his normal like.

Michael Lynch - Oh, this was the song on So You think you can Dance, the cancer performance song. So pretty!

Idol recap--Girls

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 12:40 am
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Okay, to try to calm down from White Collar, time to watch Idol
(See, I need to do this so that when it comes time to see who is kicked off, I can look back at my notes :D [as skimpy as they are])

Katie Stevens - Unless you do something amazing with it, this song seems safe. Bleh boring.

Siobhan Magnus - That opening gave me chills. Very nice! Ryan all defending her from Simon lolz

Lacey Brown - Don't like how she gets loud and then quiet. Okay. In the past season's of redheads, don't they normally get out before they reach the top 10? Like the red shirts on Star Trek.

Katelyn Epperly - She needs to ditch the keyboard. Unless she is OMG awesome player, it is more of a distraction. She improves a bit, but the beginning was bad. She should be mic in hand and rocking out to that song.

Didi Benami - I can't wait to see her during country week. She is such a subtle singer. Love her!

Paige Miles - 0 personality there. She is singing about smiling and looking rather sad. No like...Thx Simon, now I am hungry for peanuts.

Crystal Bowersox - She is so unique. I look forward to her album! lol Kara agrees with me!

Lilly Scott - I'm biased. I hate classing country like this. It sounds like she is singing it okay, but I am bored. WTF is with her look? Scrunchies for earrings?

(no subject)

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 11:41 pm
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1. Michael Lynche - Yay, good singing :D I loved the package before the song, too. Not a fan of that type of music, though.

2. John Park - Can tell he is nervous. Voice doesn't sound as smooth as it needs to be. Was okay, not impressed.

3. Casey James - (He's hilarious) Voice doesn't seem quite right for the song. Playing is more impressive than his singing this time :(

4. Alex Lambert - Little shaky at first, but cool :D Like the tone. Fav so far tonight! His nervousness is going to break him lol

5. Todrick Hall - Too slow. He's singing it well. Better at the tempo change. Lyrics repetitive. Kinda blah toward it.

6. Jermaine Sellers - Decent singing, but boring. ew I think he sunk himself with the Bible talk.

7. Andrew Garcia - Chorus sounds off to me. So-So

8. Aaron Kelly - Adorkable. I have nothing bad to say about that performance at all. Perfect for voice.

9. Tim Urban - Better than last week. By a lot. Don't quite like the sound of his it doesn't sound very full? Does that make sense? Aww. I want to give him a hug. Wow, Simon was the good guy this time.

10. Lee Dewyze - Holy shit. I can see him winning this. Prediction: He will make it to top 5, then will get sent home because everyone thought he was safe.

Idol recap Boys

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 09:59 pm
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1. Todrick Hall - Hate the version of Since you Been Gone. Repetitive. Runs and high note were good. Rest blah.

2. Aaron Kelly - Yay! Good voice for that song :D Was nice to hear a normal song sung well. If that makes sense? No changing things up (which hasn't worked well, lately), or taking a risk and picking the wrong song.

3. Jermaine Sellers - Soft voice is soft. Okay, improved when got louder and into the higher notes. Pretty. Not bad.

4. Tim Urban - He's adorable. I don't think he sounded all that great. The little high notes didn't work all that well. Hope it is just nerves.

(So far, tonight and yesterday, I have agreed with everything Simon has said. Since when has that ever happened?? lol)

5. Joe Munos - Never heard this song before. Was really good until it got to the chorus. Love the sound of his voice.

6. Tyler Grady - Me and Dad both exchanged WTF faces at the start of the song. Not the song to pick to prove that you can sing. I normally change the radio station when it comes on because I dislike the song so much.

7. Lee Dewyze - Sounded a little flat. But I enjoyed it. Not a fan of the version because I LOVE the original. The end of some of the verses It he would have really hit those notes, it would have been amazing. And this is where I finally disagree with Simon lol.

8. John Park - This is what I call a lounge act song. They bore me to death. His voice sounds shaky and Dad had to ask me if he was singing in English because he couldn't tell lol. Ew. First time I have had the urge to fast forward tonight.

9. Michael Lynch - Ew version. I hate the jumpy sound of the lyrics. Toward the end you can tell he can least.

10. Alex Lambert - He shouldn't bounce when he sings...screws him up lol. Not fond of the tone of his voice, so hope that is not the way he always sounds. But he sang it okay. Wasn't boring. Awww 'sir' hehe.

11. Casey James - First, I think he is adorable. Second, *Squee* Odd ending of the song.

12. Andrew Garcia - Hate this version of it. Though I can understand the lyrics better than the original lol. Didn't show off his voice until the end notes.


Sunday, June 7th, 2009 06:33 am
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I am still up!

I was organizing my fic links and fandom stuff when I noticed a broken link to my Cookleta manip. For the life of me, I can't find that entry at all *paranoid*

And it ticks me off because it was one of my fav manips.

Anyway, posting it again here so I can properly link it.

David/David )
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OMG!! There was this Kris Allen interview I was reading online, then at the end of it, there was a multi part interview of Adam by Michael Slezak. So awesome!

Check it out here!!!

(I hope I remembered how to link correctly) Yay!
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Title: One for the Cakergirls
Pairing: Cake!!
Rating: PG
Summary: [ profile] cakeforever catches Cake!
Disclaimer: Dun own ‘em
Notes: Just something that popped into my head and I wrote it real quick.
Thanks to [ profile] michelleann68 for the quick read over even though she just shakes her head at me when I babble about these guys :D

One for the Cakergirls )

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