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Slowly working on processing things :)

Ep 2 was waaaay better than the first episode and I feel it was almost 'back to form.' I really like how they worked in Mary, having John hallucinate her. I was dreading seeing her pop up when I heard she would be in the episode.

The main thing I got out of it was PRETTY! Something about the way it was shot seemed to highlight everyone's best qualities. Scruffy Sherlock was a bit odd, but I kept getting distracted by his eyes :D
--Mrs. Hudson stole the show. Loved how she tricked John into agreeing to help Sherlock, then opened her trunk.
--Sherlock telling Mycroft to Fuck Off via tracking
--Angst! Loved John going all RAWR at Sherlock and finally venting some. And him eventually saving Sherlock.

The bad:
--I loathed the bad guy. I've seen him around in things and he just...uugh. I can't stand the actor. This was the only thing preventing me from fully enjoying the episode.
I really loved this one. I watched it again a few days later and I enjoyed it even more. The emotional bits still struck a chord.

 I consider this episode a character study. When done well, I love them. Plus this hit all my angst buttons XD

Guess I will get the bad out of the way first:
--Mycroft's reaction to having to shoot someone. WTF was that? I don't doubt that he has never killed someone with his own hands before. I also don't doubt that, if pushed far enough, he would break down. But he is The British Government! He would at least attempt to do what needs to be done, even if he couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger.
--And I had a hard time believing that Euros was the therapist. She was so far 'out there' in her mind that I don't see how she could have pulled it off. Very cool idea, just needed a better execution.
--Moriarty still being dead. But, if you watched to the end, they are still teasing that he is alive. I do think that this episode would be way too crowded with yet another story line going on, Moriarty really needs his own episode, If he comes back.

The good:
--The rest of it :P
--Everyone acted the hell out of their scenes. From all three of them yelling NO to Sherlock calling Molly...all of it.
--Redbeard! OMG! I didn't see that coming. It hit me harder the second time I watched it.
--Mary's voice over at the end. It was a great palate cleanser. Almost felt like a reset button - allowing the show, if it continues (damn it seemed so final), to have some normal case episodes

I really want to watch it a third time, but my DVR is almost full and I can't get behind :(
And this is probably in my top 3 favorite episodes. Reichenbach, Scandal, and Sign of the Three are my previous favorites. Not sure where this one falls in there, though

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