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I am of two minds here. I liked the episode quite a bit while watching, but after it was over, I feel a bit meh toward the episode. It was fun enough, and angsty, I do love the angst, but...We only get three of these. It feels like this episode is going to majorly effect the other two.

Now, I enjoy Mary. I think she is an interesting character that has grown on me a lot. Her death feels like it should be something for the end of the season. So unless we get a nice long time gap for ep 2, Sherlock and John are going to be at odds for the rest of the season. I am not a huge Johnlock shipper (gasp), but a lot of the fun of the series is THEM. The whole episode fucks with the THEM...if that makes sense?

Things I did enjoy:
*Sherlock swearing to protect Mary. It was kinda....sweet lol. But he said it so often he jinxed it.
*The aquarium location. I set a fic there a loooong time ago and had an OMG moment.
*Sherlock once again forgetting Lestrade's name. It was brief, but the humor was nice.
*John's 'fling'. A lot will disagree with me, but I found it a nice personal moment with him, and his touch of regret at turning her down. BUT I think it would have worked much better if Mary hadn't died. Having the guilt of almost cheating on her on top of her death is a bit much.
*I liked the conversations with Mycroft. We got some nice dialogue. And did I hear a Sherrinford mention?
*The build up and tension throughout the ep was nice, but I stumbled across a spoiler just as I started to watch it, so I knew what it was building to.
*John being the one to think of a simple tracker on the memory stick to trace Mary.

Things that annoyed me:
*The Six Thatchers mystery was just an excuse for the Spy!Mary stuff. It would have been better to have lengthened it and cut out some of the Mary backstory. I want more casework.
*Nothing felt very clever. Sherlock just didn't impress me with anything.
*John's hair. I like the extra length to it, but it is so much lighter that it is looking grey in the light. Ages him.
*Is John staying with Molly? I just have a feeling that if/when John finally moves back to the flat, the baby will stay with Molly and will conveniently be forgotten.

I didn't really hate anything. Not yet. Will see what carries over into ep 2.

According to IMDB, Andrew Scott will be in ep 3. Not sure if flashbacks or in person, but Pleeeeeeaaase! I want Moriarty to be alive. No way he killed himself on that rooftop!

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Glad to not be the only one who doesn't HATE on John for the cheating thing. I thought it just reflects a strain on the marriage (what with all the spy stuff revelations from last season), especially now with the baby there.

I kind of didn't like Sherlock promising he'd protect Mary, because it's just something you can't promise and what do you know? Mary dies. Too soon, as you say.

I also greatly enjoyed the Mycroft moments. And yes, that was definitely a Sherrinford mention.

Kind of torn on the Moriarty not being dead thing. On the one hand I LOVE the character and Andrew Scott, obviously, but idk. Everyone comes back to life. (Will Mary too? xD)

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