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Had All Staff Training Day today, where all 300+ of us gather (27 branch library system).

So 3 of us were going to carpool since we live close together. Was going to be 4, but one is on Pregnancy leave starting today (her due date got bumped closer). She was bummed to miss it.

On my drive in to the library parking lot - the meeting place - I passed a large house fire. Two fire trucks and at least 5 cops, and the ambulance driver who lives on that street was running to his van. So that was a depressing start.

As I waited in the lot for my two coworkers to show up, I got a text from another one, H. She was bowing out of it this year because she has an inner ear disease that loud sounds irritate her and her noise canceling headphones don't work well for large groups and microphones. And she was miserable last year. So she wasn't feeling up to going.

5 minutes after that, I got a call from another coworker, who was going to ride with us, saying that there was an accident on her road. As she tried to go around it, she misjudged and went in the ditch and had to be towed out. So she was out.

M showed up, after spilling coffee all over herself and her car, so we got on the road. It was only 15 minutes away from work, instead of the usual 45 minutes.

Found 2 other coworkers. One was recovering from strep. But she brought a face mask and had fun putting it on.

Said hi to a bunch of people I only talk to on the phone and see once or twice a year.

One of my other coworkers, C, wasn't there yet. His car had broken down a few weeks ago and he had been getting rides from people into work. He had told everyone he was okay for a ride. So we all placed bets on when he would arrive. I had been texting with H, and she got in on the bet as well. Breakfast started at 7:30 and the actual speakers started at 8:30.

Our first speaker was the remaining guy on the Unshelved team. The duo had spoken twice before at All Staff Day and I love them. This guy solo was hilarious as well and a great start to our day (in previous years we have gotten some crappy speakers and I always write in the evaluation to bring back Unshelved). And I won a signed book :D Normally they have ones for sale, but the change of venue this year screwed things up I think. Sad I wasn't able to purchase the books that had been released since I last saw them.

Still no C.

Texted more with H and she said she had texted C and he said he was there. He likes to joke a lot, so we just called him a liar. Oh, and he lives less than 2 miles away. Tsk!

We got to pick three 'sessions' to attend. I picked Circulation Team Discussion, Independent Publishing, and Podcasting for my 3. I will mini review them at the end.

Spotted C finally! as I was going to my first session. He was in the hallway talking to someone. I pointed at him as I hurried past and he called after me "Told you I was here!" I rolled my eyes and texted H that C finally showed up.

After my first session, we let out a little early, and C was in the same spot, finishing up talking to someone else. So I queued up to talk to him. We BSed a little before I finally got him to admit why he was late:
He had just gotten the news that a teaching job he had applied to a few days ago told him he got the position. He starts immediately.

We all knew he was applying and that he would leave us eventually, but not this soon :( He will be in tomorrow and then try to help out some over the next few weeks, but he isn't required to give a 2 week notice.

He is/was the Children's librarian and is one of our favorites. When he told V, the YS librarian, she threw a granola bar at him.

So to sum up the staffing situation here:
New Manager starts October.
J out on Maternity leave
C leaving us.
H is interviewing tomorrow for a position closer to home. If she gets it I think I will murder her.
The other C (that I have talked about before) is a slacker and he better step up and actually do things to help.
V is recovering from strep throat. She is doing better. And she is also in charge until the new manager starts.
The third C was the one with the car in the ditch. Hopefully it is driveable.
And then M and Me, the two Aides.

So down 3 out of 9, and one only counts as half a person.

Okay, so the sessions, for anyone still reading lol:

Circ Discussion - about 30 of us sat in a circle and....discussed things. I don't feel like this accomplished much, except bringing to light how we all do things differently that we should be doing the same. The one person in charge of the group was just a regular staff person and not someone who would be able to give official answers for the many questions we had. So that was a bit of a wash.

Then we had lunch. Important to note only because people who brought their own lunches weren't allowed to eat with the others for 'liability' reasons. And that is my only complaint about the new venue. Because of that, I just ate quickly in my car, then rejoined everyone to chat about things. I am a picky eater, so it is just easier to pack my own lunch. Everything else about the venue was amazing, though. We had comfy chairs instead of the metal folding ones!!

Then I went to Indie Publishing. It was fun, but there were 5 people answering the same questions. Some of them were very long-winded, so it took ages to do just one question. I got bored toward the end.

Podcasting was cool. I don't do much podcasting, so it was neat to hear of all the different subjects there were. I wish I had more down time to be able to listen to stuff, so I could check things out.

All in all it was a good time. Better than most due to Unshelved being there :)

So depressed about C though :'(
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