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Saturday, August 20th, 2016 11:42 pm
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Blake came to the Southwest Washington Fair on Friday. I picked that day as my fair day :) Unfortunately, it was almost 100 degrees that day. Ick!

I went with my brother, who was visiting for the month from Japan, with his wife, and their 3-year old, Kenji.

I bought an Elephant Ear to share around. After Jeff ate half of it, he decided to buy one of his own. Not that I could have finished my own, though. Too much sugar!

Then we went on a few kid rides. Kenji was finally tall enough to go on some rides, and he seemed to enjoy them :D

Only had time for a few, so I could get to the concert on time. I bought a bloomin' onion on the way - I swear, I go to the fair mainly to eat lol.

There was a little section waaay in the back that had some shade, so I settled in there and chowed down. Blake was a bit late to start, which gave me time to finish my food without getting grease prints all over my camera.

The sound was great and he played some songs from his first album that I loved. I recorded a little with my camera, but I couldn't zoom all the way in because I had a hard time keeping the focus on him...every small twitch make the picture dance, even my heartbeat lol.

It cooled off a little and I was able to brave the sun to stand closer, just in time for him to do his cover She Will Be Loved/With or With out you. He didn't sound near as good as he did on tour when he did that song a lot, but I loved seeing the him build the song with his loop pedals. For those not familiar, he is a one person band. Just him and a guitar, and loop pedals where he can make different sounds to 'build' the background music for the song. He is also an awesome beat boxer.

So after that song, I was pretty much done. Hot, sweaty, headache, etc. Wish I could have lasted for more of the concert, but at that moment, I wanted a cold shower more lol.

I managed to buy a bag of cotton candy on my way out :)
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