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Well...it's been a bit since I have posted *cough*

I always think of LJ as the place to squee about fandom and everything else is just a bonus. But I have been so out of the loop as far as fannish things go that I really don't know what to do with myself here. So I guess I will just bullet point things and do a ramble!post.

*I got a final Jeopardy question/answer right. The clue was something like: "A famous author wrote about this narrator having an old war injury in the shoulder. xxx years later, in another book the injury was in his leg." Two of the contestants guessed Sherlock, while the other, correctly, guessed Watson :)

* Been introducing my Aunt to the Marvel Universe. I showed her Iron Man a month ago - she has a huge crush on RDJ and made me change the wallpaper on her computer to a picture of him as Iron Man hahaha. And I just showed her Captain America today. Next up will be Thor, Iron Man 2, then Avengers. Think I will skip Hulk, since it didn't add much. I loved Norton as Hulk, but now I have gotten so used to Mark Ruffalo that I just can't go back to it.

* My brother and his family is coming up July 29th from Japan. They will stay a month. Their kid is 3, but is a bit delayed due to early health issues. He gets frustrated easily because he has yet to start talking and just recently learned to walk. I am not a kid person at all.

* My cat, Ki, is in bad shape. She is 17 and having issues walking. I hope it is just the colder weather effecting her joints. But she has been throwing up every day almost - mainly cat food. She doesn't chew her food, so I think she just eats too fast a lot of the time. She also started peeing outside of the box, so we got her a lower one that she thankfully now uses. But she has pooped a few times in the other room. And to complicate things, our annoying little house dog always is trying to jump on her. Ki can normally hold her own when she feels good, but when she is just trying to slink away, I don't want a dog jumping at her.

* On a funny note, the dog can be sound asleep with me calling her name and totally ignoring me. But I can say 'Hi Ki' in a normal tone and the dog jumps up and looks all over the place for the cat. She falls for this all the time.

* I have to go to the dentist three times to get two crowns and a filling done. An expensive lesson to not wait two years between dentist visits.

* This is the most I have written on anything in a long time. I miss writing. But I also like playing on my iPad lol. I have been gathering ideas for NaNoWriMo, but I am so rusty that I don't expect it to go well.

* I just had the best month ever in June on my Etsy shop. *dances* Already made more than all of last year. http://beaderville.etsy.com

* Just started watching Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. The kid is freaking amazing. He hasn't really done much, but he is an actor to watch out for. He reminds me a bit of Elijah Wood

* Speaking of movies, I saw Free State of Jones last week. I really loved it! It it best as a Matthew Mcconaughey movie. So if you really like him, ignore all the bad reviews and go see it! MM doesn't disappoint.
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