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This was so much fun. I am a huge Andrew Scott as Moriarty fan, so this was extra awesome.

I managed to avoid all spoilers and kept the only to watching the first released trailer. And I was also prepared for it to suck ;) Just in case.

I thought it was going to be a standalone ep and was making a bet that there would be some twist about it all being in Sherlock's head. Hee! When Sherlock said 'He' instead of 'Her' for the bride surviving the head wound, I got excited. I didn't think that we would get any answers for how Moriarty survived - though technically, we still didn't lol. And when Sherlock's reality started shaking, that was awesome.

Enjoyed the Victorian versions of the characters; Lestrade's muttonchops, Molly dressed as a man, and Mycroft - though that was a bit alarming. Liked the bets on his health, as morbid as it was lol.

John seemed a bit smarter in this, and I liked his observations and noticing things Sherlock didn't.

Mary was decent. Still a bit annoyed with her character and I wonder if they are trying to retcon things a bit. She did have some awesome moments and I liked her scenes with Mycroft. They played off each other so well.

The Bride plot was a bit of a wash, which I am a little sad about, but at least they didn't give it the Hounds treatment by making it seem to really matter and failing. They used this plot just as much as they needed to.

Probably my only disappointment was Sherlock concluding that Moriarity was dead and that there was no way to survive it (even though he proved that there was a way for the bride to survive). Though I guess there is no fun in actual answers, since we never got a clear idea of how Sherlock survived the fall.

Loved all the present stuff. The Sherlock/Mycroft scenes were awesome, as was the recreating of the Reichenbach fall, with John's help this time, ha! And all the stuff on the plane was great.

Going to need to watch this again to catch all the dialogue, which was so much fun. Not sure if this is going to be as rewatchable as some of the eps, but it definitely blew some of them out of the water.

Nice tie-in to the next season, which we hopefully won't have to wait another two years for.

And that recap at the beginning made me want to watch all of the seasons all over again.
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