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So awhile back, I got this cheap imitation of a FitBit...it only cost 12 bucks...so yeah, doesn't really work. It can count steps and kinda monitor sleep (it rounds to the nearest half hour and I could jump around and it still counts it as sleeping). BUT, since I started wearing it at night, I have remembered all my dreams! The one night I didn't wear it, I didn't remember a thing.

Odd, but that totally makes it worth the money for me :D

So I had an Avengers dream last night. Kinda. It was pre-Iron Man. Me and another girl were messengers in this underground stone cavern. Thousands of people lived down there and it was a really rough 'neighborhood'. Tony Stark was undercover (for lack of a better word) and he was rooming with this young curly haired man called Jarvis.

We delivered letters and government stuff a lot to them. One time we were found out and the package we were delivering was almost taken. Lots of running and hiding and taking oddly placed elevators. Sometime later, Jarvis had been killed. Tony's face when we made the next delivery was heartbreaking :(

I woke up shortly after that. In the dream, my character didn't think there was a relationship going on - too much almost dying to have time to analyze my clients, but when I woke up - wow.

I don't read Tony fic. I might have skimmed a summary a month ago or so about Jarvis being Tony's secret lover, but I want to ship this! Might have to ask on avengers_request if I can't shake this.
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